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Namwamba disappeared because his saving are finished.


Hon.Ababu Namibia used his money from the little saving he has made. He has disappeared with his third force. The Budalangi member has been swept by the floods of JAP. 

He came out clearly on the issue about the ODM departure and that was his final appearance.  The man who sometimes back stuck on Raila Odinga as the president during swearing in claimed that the ODM leader betrayed him.

The former ODM secretary general came back to the public after he was seen babysitting at home. Hon.Ababu vision if destroying CORD, foiled and fell with a thud.

He came to Coast region to look if people will agree with his ambition but unfortunately he got rejection.  The claimed Orange born blood changed his 2007 decision where he vowed to walk with Raila and moved on  like a child and decided to start a third force.

RAO misfortunes since 2013,"BABA" will cry when he read this challenges that will made him not to be the president in 2017.


Joho and ODM selects Raila for state house race at Mamangina.[Photo by George]
Hon Raila Odinga has been so vocal in coast politics with his child in politics Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho. The Coast politics look unfair to "BABA" because of what always happen when he visits the coast region. The CORD haters say that it's the misfortunes for the next years general elections. Here are the main three outlines that will make you shocked with what always happen to RAO in coast.

Mombasa central police terror suspects bodies identified by the witnesses.


The bodies of the three women who bombed central police station in Mombasa are from kwale county. According to rumours from the ones who identified the bodies. The three women stay in Kwale county but they were not natives.

The police also identified the bodies and postmortem will be taken for assurance before the names released to the public.

The three women were trying something new they have never done. The terror groups have not claimed responsibility. The radicalised ladies who went to the central police wanted to die with others this eid.

Jubilee Money Festo continued shopping for more leaders from different regions.


Jubilee party  inauguration has been successfully and  promised goodies that people doubted about them. It's emerged that the government has used billions of shillings to buy a house for a party.

The party has used ksh.  3 billions to facilitate the  party manifesto. The house was speculated to be 700 millions shillings. The comments about the latest speculation brought a lot of people to attention about the tax welfare. The amount of money that was used can feed the country for a whole month.

The jubilee government is also speculated for buying CORD supporters and leaders. It's also allegedly for buying 47 prados and other flashy staff for campaign next year.

This government of jubilee has not finished it's pledges  and the living standards kept on increasing as well. It will be fair to have them finish their term and as well finish the projects they started before giving them another term.

"Ali Kiba and Diamond Platinuz live at Mama Ngina for ODM birthday," Says Joho.


#TukutaneMombasa reloaded will be on Saturday where the ODM will be taking an oath of democracy for 2017 general elections. The Party will be celebrating ten years of being vibrant at the lighthouse(Mama Ngina). The ODM orange buses are now in town for the counter jubilee party on the same day.

The Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho urged the residents and ODM supporters to come for large numbers. The birthday will be entertained by Bongo artists Ali Kiba and Diamond Platinumz. The entertainment will be free of charge at the Mama Ngina drive on Saturday.

Plenty of refreshment and a very big cake will be available for the supporters. A 50Kilogram cake is being baked now for the ODM birthday party. The cake will be given out by ODM and CORD leader Hon. Raila Odinga. #TukutaneMombasa reloaded is branded for the Opposition Orange birthday cake.

"Bangi ni mingi...." A police officer busted his head at the toilet.


A police officer shoots himself at Jomo Kenyatta international airport.  The police officer shoot himself in one of the toilets at the airport.   He busted his head a bullet.

The police officer was frustrated with life. The police work was too much for this man. The only thing the that police are frustrated is by the way the vetting is done.  Others say vetting is not a problem.  It's only those who have squandered public money are with pressure.

The habit of police officers killing them has exceeded and the IPOA should come up with ways of calming down our officers by providing guiding and counselling if things get tough. The list of police officers who have claimed their lives is tremendously and steady increasingly.

"Kibaki death allegations" are false. He is expected home soon.


Breaking news of the Former president Mwai Kibaki who was taken to South Africa for treatment is now healthy and safe. The  allegations that show kibaki  died in South Africa are false.

Mwai kibaki was taken to south Africa after he was admitted in a Nairobi Hospital.  It was known that he was suffering from heart attack and arteritis. The disease that the former president Kibaki is suffering is not easily cured unless it specialised treatment.

Pictures of Hon. Kibaki in the hospital went viral and caused panic in his area in Othaya. The government urged people online not to publish false information about the latest developments on the former president.

Tom Cholmondely delamere heir or the "Naivasha killer/butcher" is Dead at MP a Nairobi Hospital.


Soysambu ranch is where Tom conduct businesses.
Tom Cholmondeley who is the fifth heir of the Lord Delamere family died at MP shah hospital in Nairobi. The rogue son of the first British settlers in Kenya and husband to Sally Dudmesh died  during hip replacement surgery which rendered him losing breathe and died.

The 48 years old aristocrat which has claim lives of many people in their Delamere land in Thika also now followed the case. The famously called "butcher of Naivasha" has killed many Africans and God rest him in peace. The area residents got the news with joyful as the crude and killer also went down like others.The Naivasha, Thika and where the ranch is are praising God for what happened towards the demise of one of their own.

He killed a KWS ranger Samson ole Sisisna at Soysambu ranch in Naivasha but due to influence in the Kenyan Government, Tom was realised after eight months prison and the murder case ended.This happened in 2005 while 2006 he killed Robert Njoya because of trespassing in his ranch. The innocent man was killed and the case did not go anywhere as well. He spent eight months outside prison with rules and it was over. The man continued to butcher people in the area until his death yesterday.
Let his soul rest in peace and for the glory of GOD.

Mudavadi ANC joins CORD for the western vote consolidation deal.

Musalia Mudavadi broke the ice by accompanying Raila Odinga in the coming general elections.  Mudavadi said that CORD has democracy and will join it because he will not break down his Amani party as what they doing with jubilee consolidation.
Musalia Mudavadi ANC joins CORD to beat UHURUTO.
Hon.  Musalia Mudavadi met with the CORD leader Hon. Raila Odinga in London,  United Kingdom. The discussion beared fruits as the Amani National Congress will also be CORDED in the coming elections.   

CORD is also looking for more parties to grab them for the coming elections. Narc party led by charity Ngilu as well is heading to the CORD fraternity.  The Narc leader was ditched by the jubilee government after she worked hard for them, participated in securing lands for her party and later she was dismissed with no job even from other ministry.

Working with Mudavadi is great honor as the western votes will also be together regardless of Eugene Wamalwa and  Ababu Namwamba deflected to jubilee.  It's also revealed that some more members from CORD will also deflect because jubilee party has planned ksh. 25 billion for the campaign next year.

Social Media killed Donald Trump and caused panic in his family.

Donald Trump death is a shock to the world unfortunately was in the social media.

Donald Trump allegedly death is controversial and the media was blocked on reporting the matter. The family was shocked to find that the presidential race candidate fell down and taken to hospital according to the social media posts. It is speculated that he had a high blood pressure and mainly from the past two weeks he was complaining on the pressure and back ache but it was not that too much for him to loose breathe. But the death speculation are false and were published to have him go down in politics according to experts.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been in a cat and a mouse race followed by the POTUS to Hillary stamp. Donald Trump shock came because of political misunderstanding in his Republican  party.

The Members of the his family and Republican are looking forward to see who started the death rumors and maybe open a file in court. It was also noted that the photos which went viral on the social media were photo-shopped. Donald Trump is yet to give out a statement of what happened as John McCain broke the ice on him yesterday. The POTUS vice president talked about the ill interests of the Republican contester against immigrants and American at large. McCain said that he full supports Hillary Clinton  in the presidential race.
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