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Tom Cholmondely delamere heir or the "Naivasha killer/butcher" is Dead at MP a Nairobi Hospital.


Soysambu ranch is where Tom conduct businesses.
Tom Cholmondeley who is the fifth heir of the Lord Delamere family died at MP shah hospital in Nairobi. The rogue son of the first British settlers in Kenya and husband to Sally Dudmesh died  during hip replacement surgery which rendered him losing breathe and died.

The 48 years old aristocrat which has claim lives of many people in their Delamere land in Thika also now followed the case. The famously called "butcher of Naivasha" has killed many Africans and God rest him in peace. The area residents got the news with joyful as the crude and killer also went down like others.The Naivasha, Thika and where the ranch is are praising God for what happened towards the demise of one of their own.

He killed a KWS ranger Samson ole Sisisna at Soysambu ranch in Naivasha but due to influence in the Kenyan Government, Tom was realised after eight months prison and the murder case ended.This happened in 2005 while 2006 he killed Robert Njoya because of trespassing in his ranch. The innocent man was killed and the case did not go anywhere as well. He spent eight months outside prison with rules and it was over. The man continued to butcher people in the area until his death yesterday.
Let his soul rest in peace and for the glory of GOD.

Mudavadi ANC joins CORD for the western vote consolidation deal.

Musalia Mudavadi broke the ice by accompanying Raila Odinga in the coming general elections.  Mudavadi said that CORD has democracy and will join it because he will not break down his Amani party as what they doing with jubilee consolidation.
Musalia Mudavadi ANC joins CORD to beat UHURUTO.
Hon.  Musalia Mudavadi met with the CORD leader Hon. Raila Odinga in London,  United Kingdom. The discussion beared fruits as the Amani National Congress will also be CORDED in the coming elections.   

CORD is also looking for more parties to grab them for the coming elections. Narc party led by charity Ngilu as well is heading to the CORD fraternity.  The Narc leader was ditched by the jubilee government after she worked hard for them, participated in securing lands for her party and later she was dismissed with no job even from other ministry.

Working with Mudavadi is great honor as the western votes will also be together regardless of Eugene Wamalwa and  Ababu Namwamba deflected to jubilee.  It's also revealed that some more members from CORD will also deflect because jubilee party has planned ksh. 25 billion for the campaign next year.

Social Media killed Donald Trump and caused panic in his family.

Donald Trump death is a shock to the world unfortunately was in the social media.

Donald Trump allegedly death is controversial and the media was blocked on reporting the matter. The family was shocked to find that the presidential race candidate fell down and taken to hospital according to the social media posts. It is speculated that he had a high blood pressure and mainly from the past two weeks he was complaining on the pressure and back ache but it was not that too much for him to loose breathe. But the death speculation are false and were published to have him go down in politics according to experts.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been in a cat and a mouse race followed by the POTUS to Hillary stamp. Donald Trump shock came because of political misunderstanding in his Republican  party.

The Members of the his family and Republican are looking forward to see who started the death rumors and maybe open a file in court. It was also noted that the photos which went viral on the social media were photo-shopped. Donald Trump is yet to give out a statement of what happened as John McCain broke the ice on him yesterday. The POTUS vice president talked about the ill interests of the Republican contester against immigrants and American at large. McCain said that he full supports Hillary Clinton  in the presidential race.

Majengo Mombasa youth project launched to stop Jubilee haters by the governor.


Governor launched youth project in preparation for the coming elections.

Today the Mombasa governor Ali Hassan has commemorated the International Youth Day with the Norwegian Ambassador to Kenya H.E Victor Conrad R√łnneberg and officially launched the Youth engagement and empowerment project in Majengo.

The youth project will enable them play and make themselves busy and refrain from  terror activities participation. The Governor together with his colleagues, the Kisauni Member of parliament Hon. Rashid Bedzimba and Mvita counterpart Abdulswamad Nassir flagged the project.

The project which is conceived and implemented by HAKI Africa seeks to engage over 5000 youth from various parts of the County in sports,expeditions and other extra curriculum activities.

This will go a long way in helping the youth in the area in exploring talents while engaging in meaningful and productive activities that will not make them stay idle.

Good news for borrowers, the president signed the lower lending interest rates bill.


President Kenyatta signs the interest rate bill.
President Uhuru Kentatta signs the bank lending rates bill. The bill which was taken to the president yesterday took a different route.  The jubilee members said that the lowering of the bank lending rates was a promise made by the party.

The majority leader Adan Duale echoed the thoughts of signing the bill. The president signed the bill today which will lower the banks and microfinance interest rates to close to five percent.  The initiative of lowering the rates will enable more Kenyans to take loans and establish themselves. 

The Kenya bankers association has always demanded to have talks instead of enacting a bill. The bank representatives urged that they may even wind up there businesses due to low income. 

The banks are making billions of profits while the people are always taken for a ride. The common and ordinary person is exploited by banks hence others unable to pay and their little properties as well diminishes and vanish with the banks. 

The president has done good job for the common person which is not able to raise the interest required by banks. The jubilee manifesto has been actualised and now ready to take effect. This is a high relief to the citizens of this country.  It's also seen to be a political mileage for the president in the next general elections.

"Political prostitution exercised by jubilee makes some leaders orphans" says Raila Odinga.

RAO talking about the barter trade done by Jubilee party.
The CORD leader Hon. Raila Odinga shocked people when he furiously attacked the president in a political rally. The former prime Minister said that president Uhuru Kenyatta  exercises a very stupid politics of buying CORD politicians with millions of taxpayers money. 

The Railas' claim came after Budalangi M.P Ababu Namwamba allegedly bought by jubilee at ksh. 200 million.  The member of parliament was bought together with his allies from Western.  Ababu is a project of jubilee which started in oder to influence others starting from his own area to the Coast region. The government dedicated him for Coast region politics. 

Another one who was bought is mining cabinet secretary Hon. Dan Kazungu and  Hon. Gideon Mung'aro the kilifi North member of Parliament.  They were all bought to wither the party in their region. 

Kwale county women represetative Zainab Chidzuga also allegedly to be bought together with her political friends in South Coast.  That's include Msambweni M.P  Rashid Mwashetani and many more.

A lot of  people from Eastern Region including the governors also confirmed to be bought ahead of the general elections. The shocking news shocked the nation as ODM  gave out the line up of people who were bought from the party. The party leader said," Jubilee plays a very bad role and acting political prostitution by buying people and that why there is orphans in the country.  Political prostitution has scrambled the nation and only rich people are known to be leading the country and buying other weaker ones".

Raila Odinga named as the influential politician in the world as president Maghufuli Scope global best president.

The African leaders are the ones always with lowest rank in the world of politics.  The only countries where the big and developed nations think it's the only ones are the G8 countries. Tanzania president John Pombe Maghufuli has been noted as the best president in the world in 2016.
The influencial and richest man in Politics is Raila Amollo Odinga.
Hon.Raila Odinga named as the most influential person in Africa. All these success was made from fighting for democracy and the citizens. Hon. Raila Odinga has been in the forefront fighting tribalism and democracy in Kenya and other African countries. 

The Tanzania president Hon. Dkt  John Pombe  was awarded the success by forbes and from the United nation for taking the Country much far only in one year.

The president has the ego and aim to take the country far compared to other presidents. Dkt Maghufuli knew the problems facing the country even before he was elected as the president. 

The last country and their president is Zimbabwe with Hon . Robert Mugabe. This country has been deteriorating since  the year 2000 and the country economy went down by 120% since then. The inflation made the country print the highest amount notes of upto 10 million  one note. This was done to curb the deficit of the current in the country.

Bahari fm big booty Momo Kalume weds in Muyeye, Malindi

Bahari fm presenter got Married in Muyeye Malindi.
The Royal media presenter who works for Bahari fm in mombasa got her sweetheart in Malindi. The wedding which was attended by the royal media staff including a message from the chairman of the media S.K Macharia. The wedding which happened at muyeye  Malindi was fantastic and graced with bango music from Jimmy Ngala.

The wedding was real nice with perfect plan from the guest arriving and arrangements.  Mr. Mark got a hard working lady as described by the letter from chairman. 

The bango lover got married after the gospel artist dennoh got married in Nairobi. The week for celeb weddings had a great deal with their long term girlfriends who trusted them for their life. Momo Kalume said "I do" with Mr Mark at Muyeye in Malindi added for better and for worse.  

A new s3xy bootylicious which make men salivate and "Kula kwa macho".


A new socialite who made men go mad.

A new s3xy and a hungry-eyed chick around from Nairobi. Now the trend has changed from clubs to inviting men in ladies bashes or talks for lungula. The ladies went for swimming and needed some men for hard f@k. They thought to advertise themselves will be much better. For there humongous big booty.This is the new Miss Big Booty Kenya.

These ladies posted these photos on Facebook as a new strategy of being an upcoming socialite. Mary is so cool and loving you may even turn ten times to see the booty. I thought of joining them in the pool party.

This the only one who has been seen to have all manners. She is cute and well behaved.The Majority of them are not responsible and have no respect but for this one is different.  Not a bad girl to get her home.

Mombasa Team Mafisi swag their tails for this lady.
Mary has worked had to find the true-hearted man but it seemed to me disappointed.  #TeamMafisi has it all for this lady and how she confuses men with her big booty. She outshined all of them who were in the party and leave #Mafisi salivate.

"Lungula" A Man caught ontop of a goat in Kiambu by neighbours.

A kiambu man caught by neighbours sleeping with a goat.

A man was caught in Kiambu yesterday assaulting a goat. The man who was taken to a police station  in Kiambu later found on the street. The people were shocked to see the goat assaulted person back on the road.

Its is just a few months when women from the area went on the street demanding enough pleasure and satisfaction. It's shocking to see women going to the street because of bed matters and now men going out with goats.

The liquor that is sold in the area is not yet finished because of the activities taking place. The people in the area have been reluctant with the behavioural change and forget to be keen on their suspicious people.
People from the area have been criticised with the abnormal activities that shock the world. The recent conduct of people in the area is shocking and-and the government should focus on taking people to prison because of the satanic actions.

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