Rosada Beach Resort was the venue, the event
started by a chilling cool breeze which was coming directly from the Indian Ocean. Everyone was excited, all the artist were prepared even me being one of them. I could feel the frenzy mixture of ideas for me, most important thing was the day MC from radio Pilipili FM famous radio presenter Donde Samora....he had not yet arrived since he had to travel all along from Mombasa down up to Malindi town.

DJ Collie Kay on the doc
                                                           Pilipili FM'S Radio presenter Donde Samo

The event took off officially at 10 PM, after the MC arrived and things were just showing up as expected. The fans embarked the venue, enjoying themselves with a variety of drinks bare in mind that the event was hosted by the Rosada Resort Management. While the days DJs were spinning the discs as no other business. The aim of this event was to give a platform which would enable the Malindi artist to showcase their art. The next Malindi International Art Extravaganza will be on 28-11-2015.

MC David Mafishy engaging fans on a street talk.
From left Dj Collie Kay, Dj Boneless and D-Boy
Changez Ndzai performing.
Fans chilling before the camera 
Katoi Wa Tabaka (right) pausing with a fan
Monsta Msafi -Warawara far left with fans.
Fans following about the event.

More photos they do follow....

Fan following up the event.

Rappers Banny Al Capone & Mitaa Kisauni
D-Boy at the centre with fans
Songbird Habona on stage.

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