Mombasa streets.
Mombasa is a home of famously known pets.Guys here like pets so much because it's a way of protecting and getting rich.The most loved pet is cat due to its nature.Cats in Mombasa have been associated with underground powers famously known as "majini".It's obvious that people believe in witchcraft.Somedays back a big  cat at kiembeni estate push her head in a 20ltr plastic container and for a whole night owners did not sleep due to noise and even were astonished due to the container top size and head stuck together.Think of goats who cross a road on a zebra crossing and also time ferry to
Cross the likoni channel.

2.Night clubs.
Clubs have been spotted to do live s*x shows across the city.Mtwapa clubs in Kilifi have also spotted to do the same.

3.S**y workers.
Some controversial information about these people found making s*x videos with dogs and other animals will shock you.Pets have been a source of money in different ways in Mombasa.

4.National monuments.
Mombasa is blessed with monuments since then the development of the city depended most from tourists.Monuments like fort Jesus and jumba la mtwana have been the source of tourists in the city.

The only place where you will be welcomed with hospitality and that's what
most say generosity.There is a term people say"kuingia raha kutoka ni matanga"..Mombasa has the pleasure of even forgetting your home and spend everything in the city.Some forget even their spouses and live with expecting something in return.The results are, going home empty handed or dead.

6.Making love.
Mombasa has been spotted as the hotbed of lovemaking.Its the second stronghold after a well-known town in western.Go to Mombasa and experience styles.The heat makes the natives hot.

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