Chritmas tree for the new year 2016

The Christmas holiday in Mombasa was a bit unique this year.It's the only Christmas since this Christmas was also a high season for tourists.Kenya had been in the recent past be a place of terrorism.

Beaches have been the source of happiness despite the very hot environment.This time, most rural areas did not receive many people from the urban areas.

Life this season has changed according to the weather conditions.Most areas were affected by el Nino rains.In some parts of western Kenya others celebrated Christmas without shelters.

It's so sad that some did not even celebrated due to the high cost of living.Kenya recently has had the dollar fluctuation that has resulted in the depreciation of the Kenyan currency.According to the sources, it indicated that the fluctuation also was caused by political imbalance and stability.The major cause was massive corruption from the government agencies and officials.

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