The Internet is a good source of information.It keeps people updated with news and other important things in life like healthy, entertainment and travel destinations.The Internet also teaches  people on how to do weird things and as well inform unregulated materials.

It also introduced Internet Of Everything.(IOE)This has enabled people to monitor animals by inserting IOE chips in those animals.Automated and remote control systems have been the talk of the day for I information technology administrators.

Japan introduced Faster internet cable 1000 times speed than normal fibre.Faster transmits up to 60tbps  which are the fastest of all cables in the world.The question is what will be in the 22nd century, what technologies will be there.Now its time even for human beings to have chips for monitoring and transmitting features occurring in your body at either even 100Tbps.

Radio frequency technology is on the corner for administrators to monitor its people.China will introduce statistical software/rating software to rate its citizens according to their everyday performance.This is the world we will be looking for in the 22nd century.

They are many benefits of having internet as it is the only source of information. The other century will be using Internet float methods which will drive everything in the future and create a binding between the users and computers.

The introduction of chips and other information devices will really make things easier than ever before, despite being the only way to get the chance of getting the same thing happened in the past. Chips are controlled by internet and thought it might be able to make sure that the best way for getting security settings in houses, companies and other areas that are prone to 
security breach will be eliminated.

Recently governments have been real insisting it's divisions to use Internet of everything where possible. Currently in the national parks, the game rangers are now able to monitor all the activities of the animals in the forest in the comfort of their respective offices.This has enable the officers reduce poaching of the wild animals. This method has real assisted the government getting enough revenue from the tourists who visit those areas and even increase the number of wild animals in the respectived game parks.

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