A Kilifi county university called Pwani.

Kilifi county governor Amason Jefwa kingi has today flagged a water supply and irrigation project to ganze sub-county in Kilifi county.
Ganze had been looked upon as the poorest sub-county in Kenya.It had no fresh water and the natives had to fetch water in dams.Water has been a serious problem in the sub-county because of the poor infrastructure in the area.

The Kilifi Governor said that the county has added 50 Million to that project that is sponsored by the red cross.The project will cost more than 150 million.The project that started this month will end by July next year 2016.

This project will benefit close to 60000 people in ganze.The project also will include areas of mnagoni,bamba,mrihini and jila.The red cross team will even assist residents in teaching them ways of doing irrigation to boost the area.

Hope this will change the sub-county because it had noted earlier that it had a lot of poverty when contrasted with other sub-counties across the nation.

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