What are the women needs?I think you have been asking yourself what are these major things a woman look before saying "yes then I do".If you have not thought of that let's go together and see some of these things.

Love hides many things that make people be fake and rake.People kill in the name of love and care.Ask yourself is this love or murder?It's only when you care and protect against any intruder to the family who destroys and diminish or replicates family problems and dying dreams.Now what a woman need someone can protect and care in all terms but not the woman to take care and responsibility to the man.

Now you are thinking this aspect.Aspect can be anything she sees that is unique or good/best to her.For example, a lady can be attracted by man looks, swagger, clothing, nails, featured head, good in bed and many more.

The material is the source of problems.Some say "women is equal to money and money is the source of domestic problems.So when women are money and money is problems then women is problems."The majority of women fell into traps because of money.Some get ruined in an a day because of money.So if a man is not well off than that of the woman then the man is past tense. The majority of ladies say "money factor".

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