The Kenya music entertainment industry for years it has been growing up to be a massive, successful and attractive lustre.  As Africa has grown up  to be a small village, whereby the Southern, Eastern, Western and Central African music artists have seen collaborating and fusing up great African hits. Kenya being part of this scene it has been also producing great artists just from Hip hop, Vocalist to Music producers, Video producers and so on.

Now Kenya is here to set a new record here in Africa. The '' WHO IS KING '' concert is set to bring the likes of hip-hop stars like Khalighraph Jones, Octoppizzo, Kaa La Moto, King Kaka and Juliani. This is after Juliani came out and boasted that he was too smart than any other rapper existing in the Kenyan soil. Something which raised eyebrows of other hip-pop stars and finally it gave way to this concert which will be taking part on 30 Jan 2016. Here are some few tips which may find Kaa La Moto arising the king.


Kaa La Moto was once in a Swahili hip hop class back in Tz, where he once passed through the hands of hip hop legendary Fid Q and professor Jay present day (Mikumi MP Tz). The mastering of Swahili hip hop will be a key aspect if Kaa La Moto will put it in consideration since already his opponents will either use sheng or English language as their option. Swahili has it's on sweet fusion if used well in hip hop art, thus why most Tz's artists are conquering the industry.


In the few times I personally interacted with Kaa La Moto, gave me the hope that he can make it. He is too good on free styling the art. This means he can rap without writing anywhere, Kaa is one of those few artist who have alot of words in their mind, which if they are fused together in hip hop can produced a meaningful verse and taste for a hit hip hop song.

Kaa La Moto Kenya coast hip hop artist.


Fans are always fighting to hear new things and styles every time. Juliani has been ruling the airwaves for years now, followed by the other big pins in hip hop. But the style and fusion plus the ideas are revolving on the same point. Kaa's star is just started to glow up, and from his late hits he just released last time...he has made many fans to be thirsty of drinking more water from his well. This aspect may be part of the clue to win this crown.


Unless someone arises and say am wrong, but most of the time coast has been on the front row raising the Kenyan Music industry flag high above the clouds. If we can start narrating the contribution most Kenyan artist from the coast has done we may loose accountancy. The likes of the late Essir-Mmar, the Bomba train hit maker and a role model of many current Kenya music stars, Mustapha Colonel who started his music here in Mombasa before shifting to the capital city for green pastures, Nyota Ndogo and so many others is just convincing. Kaa can take advantage of this and keep this crown not only for himself but for the entire coast.

Prepared by: Changez Ndzai.

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