A lady 8in a bank in kenya.
A lady in the bank in Mombasa Kenya.
Getting a banker to be in your box can be very stressing sometimes.He or She is always in the bank.Always indoors.You get that person when it's weekend or maybe from your area if you stay in the same area.
I spotted a lady in one of the banks within Mombasa.The gorgeous lady with a chocolate complexion drove me crazy with the way she served me at the bank.I made it usual banking even with few notes just to see her.I could wait in a queue only to be served by her.

One day after a period of 5Months decided to drop and explode my heart bomb.The only difficult thing was how to start the process.
One day I went to the bank with my few notes to deposit.As usual, my turn came and went straight to her counter while admiring everything.She started,"sasa!!!" I dropped my few notes and the slip on the counter, in between the notes was a piece of paper written"NICE EYEBROWS".It's better to be unique sometimes because lips, chest and the others are just obvious things she is used too.

Ok so she placed the notes on the counting machine and she saw the paper.I looked at her face as she posed with a smile, just to realize she had space in between the front teeth.She was so quite cute.Now in my heart, I was trembling just being confused which will be the next step after.

So I remembered that I had another piece of paper somewhere.Ok, so she gave me the slip to sign, without wasting time I place the other piece in-between the slip.She took the slip and placed on the processing machine and later stamped but when she wanted to sign, she so the other piece in between written:"YOUR CONTACT PLEASE".She looked at me with a smile and later turned the customer slip and wrote something."mmhhh Kumbe it was the number" I took my slip and left the bank.
Will update you what happened after all.

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