A malindi school that the president went to open a water reservoir.
Getting a teacher in your box can be very frustrating. Getting she is hard because the teachers are really respected by the community.
This is how to get a teacher without sweating a lot.
There is a school just nearby my home. It's a government school and I found out that it holds the bootylicious madam with purple winks. Very fast my mind scrolled down, which are the areas to get that sweet madam.

For about 3 months I was just spying on her to know how and where she lives. I had a visit to the school with my friends' child just to see how and which classes she teaches. My first visit to the school was null, Others say "null and void", the ones from a financial background.Now my story continues.

Now I got to know the classes she teaches, but I did not have a child or any other from those classes. One way was maybe, I would become a class representative. Hmmm!! She was a class teacher of form 2 south from the rumours I got around.Now I got to know which side of me and which side was to go.My neighbor had a child in that school, but I did not know which class.So the very next day, I went to my neighbor and told him if it was possible for me to assist him with the child performance.This was to get more information and how to make better out of the child.He got me a go ahead.Perfect, coincidentally the child was from that class where she was the class teacher.
The very morning, I took the child to the school demanding performance and if I could take the necessary measures to make the child perform better.Yes, like what brother  Francis Atwoli says always.I took that child to the class teacher miss XXX.She was so nice and so supportive in everything I asked.The last thing she told me  was,"you are a cool guardian, who minds children performance".

Yeah!!!! I got excited. Now was wondering how to start what my feelings say, but my inner thoughts said "Just the number".Yeah, I asked for the number, the main reason be, to monitor the child performance and if there will be anything needed in the school.She looked at me innocently and we exchanged business cards.So WhatsApp!WhatsApp!Whatsapp app! and started the real monitoring without any evaluation.
Will get back to you if she will be pregnant. Read more stories at (Tongoza best Tips.)

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