Why do we traffic jam on our major towns in Kenya? Have you asked yourself since independence till now what have we done wrong since our roads are not enough or people are getting richer and buying more vehicles?The answer lies in the government plans.

Think of independence day what was the population.The population was around 20 million and everything was enough.Not only roads but also watering systems were OK with the population.What about today 50 years down the line we have a population of 40 million double the 1960 population.Think now do we have doubled the roads.Has the government doubled water piping systems across the country?Think you have the answer.
Not only those two areas but also what makes as basic needs for citizens, the government has not yet enough planned.

Will the county government help its people to double infrastructure, will be away of getting few individuals rich and left the rest in poverty score of life.General elections are close, will the next government plan ahead of its people as the population triples as of the 1960s.
Look at the recent government strategies it has forgotten the vision 2030 and now looking much on politics and shut down other leaders in opposition.

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