Public transport is the only way citizen use when they want to move from one point to the other.It's the only mode of transport that enable ordinary people who don't have enough  money to have their own private means.

Its the only place in all industries that you will find all sorts of people, people with different characters and views.The only place in transport industry where you will find all sorts of manners and manner less.
Now recently, the industry had several challenges mainly from the government by creating several restrictions.Major restrictions from the government were; Public transport should not have tinted windscreen or any tinted thing.Later, Government introduced safety belts and speed governors.All these was to make sure the number of road accidents to be reduced.After that, Entertainment in the public transport was also a problem because of copyright materials.Adult content and another illicit material were the most entertaining part of the industry.The government introduced copyright licence whereby drivers and public transport owners or stakeholders were to have a licence from Music copyright authority.

Sac co also was another party that the government introduced to the industry and it had a very good impact.Where owners had to join a sac co for the  owners vehicle to do business.Then a yellow line method was introduced to identify which are the public transport vehicles and private vehicles later.Lastly, Government decided to embark or venture into technology.It introduced cashless payment where passengers were told to load their fares on Approved transaction cards.This mode of payment did not have much effect and it disappeared.

Now, Mombasa county government has banned the entertainment mode of public transport this year 2016.Public means should have a quiet environment compared to some years ago.Some officials for the county said the use of the entertainment systems in public transport has ruined the students.The students, especially college and high school students always were on the public transport doing nothing.Theirs is to be taken for a ride by Matatu drivers and conductors watching illicit music videos and movies till in the evening and then back home.Also, it has increased the number of school drop out children and lead to early marriages.

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