A mango cut one side.With other fruits eaten by People show how people abuse others.

A high school young man was raped in Naivasha. This Young man was raped by his four girls' friends after a party. The thirsty girls invited the young man to their friend's birthday party in one expensive area around Naivasha town. The young man went to the party without company. The party was full of enjoyment and drinks.
When it was the time the time to go home, the young ladies blackmailed the young man to pass to their place later then will take him home. When they reached home, one of the young girls suggested if they can rest, take a shower before one of them to drive the young man home. They decided to take a shower all them as well before deciding who to take home the young man.

The games started when they started feeling the man and all felt for him. They decided to hold the young man and threatened him if he dares makes noise. 

They proceeded with their activities till all got satisfied. His fresh banana was licked like a lollipop until he became tirelessly. That is when the man felt weak and decided to sleep till morning and they took him back home. Many said he was forced to sleep at least to regain energy and hide the evidence. His mother noticed an unusual pause from her child that's why she decided to probe and she got what happened that night.
People are on a matatu going to a party.
This habit has been happening in major towns as their parents are not much concern with their children and what they are doing during the day. Most of the houses are left to Maids or house helps who after the children. It's funny because sometimes you may find a young girl as a house helps look after a young man of that house. Most of the young men are spoiled by their respective house helps because sometimes they end up in a bed with them. They teach these boys the world earlier than expected.

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