The man that God created is the one who provide and take care and accountability of the family resources. A man who knows what is missing in the family and feel the gap. The one who provides motivation, relish and nourishes family emotionally. Someone who will sacrifice in both physical and emotional states.

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A family center pole is a man. A family without a Man like a body without a backbone. A man protects family resources and any infringement to the family. Women feel safe when they are led by a tough man with a stand and standards. Protecting and projecting family spirits and  then return them to the normal lifestyle.

Monitoring and evaluation of homestead resources and finance are the work of the man. He is accountable for the losses and gains in the family. The community looks at the man as a role model to others. A man plans and coordinates what to be and have in the future of the family. The future of the family depends upon the contents of the intended individual.

The priest of the family souls is the man. A true family man should provide true spirit, lead the family towards a certain goal in religion. The man in the family should focus on providing spiritual nourishment and then strong foundation in religion.
Building a Strong foundation with masculine spirit is all about a leader at home and this should go to the man.

Takes initiative and taking decisions.
A real Man takes the initiative in all aspects of life. Taking a risk to lead your home is a very critical feature for any leader. Everything that starts must be accompanied by a strong push for it to happen. Men lead their community and as well it happens on the battlefield. Strong people lead even in dangerous circumstances beyond their reach.

Lead sacrificially.
Leadership for people and their respective minor kingdom all belong to the overall king. In all religions across the world is talking about a leader who is "HE". Leading and  having sacrifices can be found to be the most effective way of communicating with God and spirit in the spiritual world.A man in his house first must be able to lead and show good characters.

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Living faithfully.
Despite the moral action, being understanding and supportive, Men should always consult and successful people and relationships. A family will always thrive if they feel the leader's life, loves them. A man's absence creates a gap and then loneliness while Others feel desperate.Loving your family is the best gift and grace God provided. The families that love one another succeed both financially and spiritually.

Leaving a legacy.
A true man is the one who lives within his spiritual world and leadership environment. Not taken by floods of life and nature. A person with respect and admiration for the feedback others talk about him. Someone who leave positive marks when he is not available, things that will allow people adore and thinks of hopes in life and success. A man who leaves a message to anyone else who might have to do the needful at earliest and at effective way.


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