Clothes are worn by all people at different levels and standard. It's only  Africa where there is a difference between the levels of a clothing line. This is brought by different levels of life.
Middle-class people and poor all look for cheaper clothing. The only thing people of this class look how to cover themselves with no real fashion. It is only a rare case where middle Africans wearing original or imported clothes from the manufacturer.

They are big businesses that were established using the second-hand products. In Kenya, we have Rehani which buys a third-hand product from the second user.

Most cars that are imported are second hand. Very few individuals in African can purchase new cars from the manufacturer. Most cars that come through agents like SBT.All these cars that come from japan, the majority of them are second hand. Some which come from Dubai and other Asian countries are also Second hand.

Electronic equipment.
Electronic devices that come to Africa are majority used. It's only here where they get used products and most of them from U.S, U.K and Asia.
Most electronics are wasted technology and outdated. It's only Africa where people consume outdated technology, learn how to repair with outdated education systems which lead to a whole wasted digital learning generations.
Finished products(processed)
Most of the products that come from abroad are finished goods. The original products are used by the first world countries. These so-called processed goods are chemical oriented and nowadays they are second-hand foods.
Married tourist
Tourists are who come to Africa majority are married or separated people. Beach boys and girls look for foreigners for satisfaction and money. The majority of these people who spoil the youths are separated and look for hot blood in Africa.
The equipment which is used to build roads are substandard and those companies which build our infrastructure are secondhand companies from Asia. The infrastructure built by those companies do notwithstanding environmental conditions or stay for long Second-hand products and equipment have really affected African countries forgetting it's the major source of raw materials.
Government regulations.
The African governments must look ways of making sure only quality products come. European countries dump waste products in the form of donations to Africa. The majority of electronic products are electronic wastes and come to Africa to be recycled.
Governments should allow only quality products to avoid having a lot of electronic wastes and plenty of radioactive materials. It should also speculate the all the other materials through their respective Revenue authorities and all infrastructural ministries to avoid substandard materials called Mitumba and activities.

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