This year's lovers' day had a big impact on the Kenyan politics and the governance.
Due to the high cost of living, the majority of Kenyans felt the government has abandoned them as they did not participate fully on the eve.
The majority of people in Mombasa went to the beaches despite their pocket sizes. The majority of Mombasa residents just walked to the beaches. Some with heavy pockets, took their cars to the beaches bask and chew lovers favourite "Miraa".
This week was a blessing to Mombasa people at Churchills' show was at a Flamingo beach resort with Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho to welcome and celebrate the lover's eve together with Mombasa residents.
Bana sources found that this eve very small percentage of residents went to the beaches in contrast to last years Eve. This was true even to business people as their businesses were not like as what they anticipated. In supermarkets, it was the same things. Hope the government will see ways of reducing commodities to fit ordinary Citizens.

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