A customer buying Red meat in a butchery in Kenya.
Most of the Kenyans feel to be proud when they buy meat. It's only the way to your lunch or supper with your lady or man and feel it. Most of them will not appreciate if you take them to lunch and buy them Sukuma wiki or Cabbage with any other. The only food majority can take is if it has Meat and will give thanks back.

Now on the men who took alcohol and drugs substances that make them feel good even take a lot of meat. Meat sometimes cuts hangovers and makes them drink more and more bottles of alcohol.
Red Meat is better when is used to reduce hangovers and the drinkers feel unbeatable in terms of alcohol.

Butchery Meat in Mombasa Meat commission.
In every house of the middle-class Kenyan, red Meat is consumed like twice or thrice a week or every day.White Meat is not commonly used because of the price.

Something like chicken, rabbit and Fish (Poultry, Meat) is not commonly consumed and most of the Middle-class people will eat when there are parties in case of Visitors. Most of them after work will see them with black paper bags with either a quarter or half of red meat I.e Donkey, Goat or Cattle Meat.

What are the benefits of meat in general;
Meat is good because it contains a large percentage of Vitamins, Iron, Zinc and Selenium with other minerals like proteins, creatine, Carnosine and omega -3.
This all depends with the animals how and what they were fed. Animals nowadays eat so many things and injected a lot of drug substance. This is what makes Meat dangerous when consumed a lot.
The effects of meat on health includes; 

Chronic diseases caused by meat Consumption.
There are chronic diseases that are caused by the fat content in Meat. This contains cholesterol and other harmful organisms that penetrate into your intestines and cause diseases. These diseases are like cardiovascular, hypertension and of late Cancer disease.

Red meat sometimes causes low libido for those who consume it to in larger amounts. This low fertility comes when someone doesn't do much exercise and not physically fit. This contributes s to weight gain, hence obesity. All this will lead to low bed performance and fertility. It's scientifically recommended that one to take Meat either twice or only once a week. The weight of what to take at least 250g of Meat per week. Reduce Meat usage and reduces complaints on the bed.

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