Majority of people are consuming steel wire in the world.
Steel wire for scrubbing kitchenware as it is used by the majority of people across the world.
Have you thought of consuming steel wire? A research that was conducted by an international environmental organizations shows that many Kenyans use metals like steel, iron and lead in plenty every day. Not only even metals, but also consume a bigger percentage of plastics and rubber.

Where do they get these things? It's evident that the majority of Kenyans use chewing gum, steel with to scrub kitchen utensils, drink water that is piped by either iron, lead or plastic pipes and the use of plastic cutlery.

 This research shows that at least 15 percent of Kenyans consume these elements. This is more than the percentage of carbon produced by companies and vehicles in Kenya.
The major contribution of steel wire consumption is the Methods used when scrubbing or cleaning kitchenwares or utensils.

It has noted that the majority uses steel wire from steel companies. This method has really been the fastest method of people consuming steel and iron particles.

The majority of Kenyans dwell or leans on the Jua Kali sector. This sector makes people everyday breathing iron and steel dust. Even when people are on the street, they also consume the products.
The Steel, aluminium and iron products are  mostly used by many People because there is a wide range of products made of those elements.

Majority of people use this rubber or polythene scrubbers for cleaning utensils.
A polyethylene and rough scrubber for cleaning utensils.
These elements have many benefits and each one may need to get them. The benefits of this mineral are when one gets them through natural fruits and food.

The effects outlined by the organization show that it is really harmful products when consumed in the way illustrated above. This causes did disease like colon cancer, appendix problem, intestinal sores due to frequent intestinal wall scrubbing and many more.

We need to look for ways of how to reduce this percentage by creating measures from the government to the manufacturing firms to combat the use of these products.

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