Fruits being sold on the road by a hawker in Nyeri.

The majority of people thought that eating healthy foods are the only way to have things done in your matrimonial homes. In relationships, people thought to have foods rich in carbohydrates and fibers are the only foods rich in bed content for the men.
The secret has been revealed. The secret towards satisfaction and provide for the partner with the quality and effective dosage is determined by what the person eats. The eating habits have a much impact on the way how the person performs in their day to day activities. Now it has been seen that people who have a tendency of eating fruits perform better in their day to day activities compared to those who eat heavy foods like Ugali, Cassava and others.

A research that was conducted by the university of California shows that children who were born by a parent who has a stock of fruits and eat them regularly are much better in class, weight and brain capacity compared to those who eat heavy foods without having fruits in their meals. This research was done in a duration of five years shows that even children who eat a lot of fruits are different in their respective classrooms compared to the other students.

It was also discovered that men who eat fruits every day as part of their meals are much better in bed compared to the ones who eat fruits once in a while. 

Now, which fruits are the researchers talking about? All fruits are good for human consumption and it depends on what you are interested in.

The major fruits that research said they contain a high amount of minerals are the fruits with purple colour and green colour on their outer cover. The example of the fruits with purple colour is Avocados, purple passion fruits, purple strawberries, grapes etc.. On the other hand, fruits are always green are green ripe mangoes, apples, big species oranges, guavas, watermelon e.t.c.

The other fruits are rich in minerals, but not all, major minerals as the ones above. The other class of fruits are the ones with other cover colours apart from green and purple.
Oranges placed on a basket.

Other major food to be consumed that has high nutrients are nuts. These are macadamia nuts, ground nuts, cashew nut, peanuts, volcanic nuts, coconuts and other nuts. The majority of people across the world do not follow a regular healthy diet, but they consume anything that comes on the way. The modern technology has introduced so many other foods that are harmful to our bodies. The technological foods are the way to cancer and other chronic diseases.

The introduction of Genetically modified foods destroyed the way people used to eat healthy from their traditional foods. Chemicals have been the food of the day while the majority suffers even from psychological problems due to inadequate performance in their respective homes hence looking for treatment from the herbal researchers or doctors.

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