This is a twitter account for bana kenya and presented in screenshot.
Bana accounts on Twitter that shows what is trending topics.
Now Social media is a powerful tool that enhances communication among people in the community. This tool has several effects as it keeps the intended methods open to the Internet.
People on stage chatting as they wait for Matatus. 
Social media has made a young generation mad and then vulnerable to many instances. Youths opt to use it, as they say, it's a source of being a celebrity. Many people assume that being on all social platforms make you are a celebrity and people enjoy seeing photos of you. Being in Snapchat, twitter, IMO, Facebook, Instagram etc. Is not  fame, but it's a way of showing off what you are not.

Killed verbal communication.
The majority of people don't talk verbally, only the use of text messages and photos. This method has killed verbal communication and people nowadays depend on chat. Take an example get a lady in the box verbal is very hard for the majority of men. Talking love and soothing words to make a woman feel she has it all is something of the past. Majority  depend on the text and the only thing a man would ask is a number to text  either via Google chat or WhatsApp or any.
Shaffie weru is a kiss 100 presenter who is the head of known group Team Mafisi.
Shaffie Weru is a Kiss 100 presenter and head of "TEAM MAFISI".Is also a party and social media animal. [Photo: George]

 Fewer marriage survives.
Marriage survival is the  biggest negative effect of social media. Marriages are in a comma after they are surrounded by many obstacles. A Partner  chats with unknown and exchange photos. All this is done secretly and when to explode everything burns up in the households.Take this example a couple of the house doesn't take anything in the evening, even their children. Everyone is in the  social media, whether is cooking, watching television or in the bedroom. This has made people be like animals others offer "Lungula" just over the social media and all are married individuals.
Adelle Onyango is a social Media animal and a celebrity in the media industry.
Adelle Onyango is A kiss, 100 Presenter. [Photo: George]
Normal cultural values have been changed due to social media circumstances that make a majority eroded. Cultural practices or traditions are something of the past. People copy what they think is right just from the  western culture. All of this is from the different social sites across the internet.
People get influenced by the way others post over the media. Others become so materialistic because they want to achieve what others post. The majority of people in the social media are influenced by erosive cultures, especially those from first World countries.

Negative minds.
Most of the trending topics are negative. The majority of people think these topics which are negative have more influence than topics, providing the correct information according to the generation. Is it the people are so negative? Or the majority of the people thinks negatively and are interested in the negative thoughts? It's because of people believe in lies and evil than doing Godly deeds.
Attacks on social media have more pain than physical attacks. This psychological pain hurts most and it keeps on refreshing on the mind of the attacked person. Others even reach in a negative conclusion. Take this example of a popular gospel artist who was threatened over social media and later the artist blocked all social media accounts. This shows that social media pain has much impact on the person's life.

Is a Kiss 100 veteran and in social media.
Ciku Muiruri is a Kiss 100 Presenter and social media Veteran.
 Communication authority of Kenya (CAK) should provide the best way of making sure people are safe on the Internet. The authority must provide better ways of curbing social media attacking and any other forms of cyber security vulnerabilities. A good example is the 2016 general election UCA suspended all social media sites during elections to avoid riots which were to be provided through social media hate speech chats. Social Media has brought more harm than good.


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  1. Thats very true social media is just shit.

  2. Others kill themselves due to frustrations.

  3. Modern world as they say.Nothing is real good.Its very bad when using social media with opening your private life.


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