Rally in Malindi with the cord principles for Mtengo votes.
Cord rally with CORD major principles.
Malindi by-election is at peak. Leaders of Kenyan major party's camp in the area to look for votes. This is a party fight between JAP and CORD which party is strong on the coast.
This is a litmus paper for the coast votes come 2017.These parties are willing to spend and see who could be the giant in the coastal region.
Last Mr. Mutengo with his cord fraternity were in Malindi town then moved to Ganda, Kakuyuni to Langobaya headed by CORD principals. On the contrary, Mr. Charo was with his jubilee leaders, including Former Malindi MP Dan Kazungu. They were at Alaskan grounds vying for votes and leadership in the area.The JAP who is CORD counterpart promised goodies as they know the area is a home of ODM.It's Orange stronghold.

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