In a couples homestead in Kenya.

During s*x men don't share most of their joy and sweetness as the lady. Some aspects are underground and they think showing them up creates more questions to the lady than having a good time with her. Here are some the aspects that are hidden before, during and after lovemaking.

1. Pain
When a man establishes his territory and ready to mingle with a partner the first thing is painful. The man this all the surrounding features of the lady. He only encourages himself that  a man has to have inward feelings.
Another pain is when he got the catch. All will start with a hug, and a really prolonged hug that will generate abnormal heat.
This is where men do not say they accept everything, even to eat waste. That heat makes testosterone hormones to produce semen and all blocks if not done anything the sperm duct. It's when the ladies find a hard time getting out of it because the pain is relieved faster if whatever blocked comes out. It will take a lot of time if it does not get its way out and get it back to the original area. Men don't share this pain they sometimes force things to satisfy himself. They may even lie that they are not getting through just in the opening to let the other partner accepts. 

2. Open crucial body party.
The majority of men  just don't want to see crucial body parts. These are like the upper part of the thigh, on the cord, cleavage, tits and some parts of the backbone. Before the man touches the lady one aspect that majority pop on their minds is the look and what is exposed. When a crucial part is exposed then he will feel himself before the touch. That's why men believe in seeing not touching or caressing. This is when a man will stop all activities and forget about what was going on or say. The picture will create a blackout in his mind for some minutes or seconds.

3. Usual and obvious.
Usual things do not bring feelings faster than unusual things. When a lady likes a certain dress or clothes, then she made a routine of wearing them when going to man then the feelings will have to be pushed. The majority of men will arouse faster when they are touching or seeing new things. For a lady to provide constant touch to the man then she must have to explore and venture everyday new ways of approaching her hubby. Men will keep quiet about it because sometimes it's his partner who has it. During s*x obvious sounds sometimes irritate, postures as well, which go in hand with obvious styles. At this point the man will keep quiet only to here and accept everything the lady will say even if she will say I'm HIV positive or I'm pregnant for your friend. But immediately after it, that's when a man can respond to all questions and suggestions given.

3. Clothing
The majority of men like silk clothes when going to bed. They also like silk and slippery underpants not cotton or canvas underpants. They will always keep quiet when the lady has 100%  cotton underpants. Cotton does not have the romantic effect when touched as it is taken out by the man.

4. Dressing.
This is the only part which very interesting. The majority of men will only undress the partner even some ladies may undress the man, but after all all of them will keep quiet and dress on their own. After s*x the minds becomes like formatted flash drive and at that everybody rethinks what happened and what to say.

5. Urinate
Some men have had an unclear picture about this aspect of urinating. I had even some ladies talk about it that when you are romancing for a longer period then both partners will feel to urinate. If you decide to break the rule and urinate then during s*x you will again feel to urinate, but it will be a mixed feeling.

Some men have mixed feelings before, during and after s*x. Some feel to shout before and others during while the last group after s*x. The bigger percentage is the one during the action. Men would struggle to keep quiet as the ladies do it all but it's the same feeling the men gets.

7. Air pollution.
The majority of people, despite the caliber all behave the same way. This is a shameful character as others may pit it. When preparing both partners feel the same way. Men will not utter a word when they have these feelings. They always thought that releasing stomach tension is shameful as man to the lady. The same thoughts also happen to the other partner.

8. Chewing.
During and after the s*x majority of men find themselves chewing. According to sources a man's brain thinks sometimes that making love is like getting something in the mouth. These thoughts come after a very long, deep kissing with an empty stomach. The man sometimes feels to chew something, but he will really resist the temptation. That's why it's advisable to have a chewing gum for before and after s*x. This feel comes especially for those who make love during the day or before they sleep in the evening after supper.

9. Disturbances.
Men feel disturbed when the lady doesn't give in or respond quickly. They feel like neglected and not loved. This comes before the action when the man has an iron, dramatic and aggressive  lady. This aspect comes after s*x as the man is done while the lady is still on. Men will keep quiet but will feel disturbed as to why the lady still wants more and he is done. This happens where the partners do not coordinate.

10. Sleeping.
The majority has the habit of eating and sleeping. In this case, it's always hard to stay awake after the action as it frees all the body vessels and relax all muscles and mind, hence smoothly supply of blood and other nutrients in all major areas of the body.

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