Beaches in Coastal kenya swim naked due to high temperatures.
Clothes left by people for swimming in the coastal Kenyan beaches.

For the first time in the history of the coastal region, the temperatures have exceeded the normal range. Coast region has known to be hot after North Eastern, Turkana and Kajiado. The heat rose from the normal range of 20°C - 30°C to 40°C  which was 10°C more than the ordinary heat people are used to in March 2016.
Mombasa beaches flooded with people who were there to get enough breezes and even cool the bodies.

People went to the beaches with their families to avoid getting unwanted skin problems. Beaches are the only places where the  locals get natural breezes apart from the artificial one termed as air conditioners.

Traditional Mijikenda elders had something to say about the unusual heat and said that it had been happening because of heavy rains expected in the month of April, May and June. Praying at the shrines has real to make their God understand the local problem and even weather prediction.

Transition between short rain and long rain is real felt by people. This abnormal heat has made people to be crazy and more so with crazy dressing. These crazy dressings are as a result of heat in the region. 

People have been sleeping without clothes because of  the heat. Some even told the sources that they refrained from making love with their spouses. It's only who have air-conditioning do home affairs. Some also say that it's real enjoying when you make love at the beaches. So they do it in the water while swimming. Getting the breeze and the cold ocean waters makes it cool when doing it.
Ladies feel atleast good air and breezes from the indian ocean in the coastal beaches.

The weatherman  assured people that the rise in temperature is normal and has no effect to skin and any other parts of the body. "It is the transition between seasons in the Arctic," he said. "It's now a good time for people to prepare their farms because of the incoming long rains," he added.

What do the doctors say about the health effects in the region. The doctors say it causes skin cancer if it's severe. Also, it would have severe effects on the epidermis where it causes epidermal cells bulge and cause skin blisters. Or sometimes known as sunburn.
beaches are the only source of happiness in mombasa this March 2016 due to rise in temperature.
A lady at Mombasa beach getting a nice breeze due to high temperatures.
The children are also not spared on this situation. They develop rashes and small boils, especially in the private parts. A lot of heat makes others, even sleep outside their houses. They sleep on mats or floors to get the cold. The heat is rampant in towns due to tall buildings and less trees.

It was also a bad condition for Albinos as heat makes them have blisters. It also affects their eyes and ears. Heat is the only environmental enemy for them. This situation affected many people who are more delicate and sensitive to their skins. It's all about the ladies and some men who try to camouflage  their skin colours. The ones who bleach their bodies and wish to be like Western people.

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