Mohamed Bana Sytles in Kenya.Bana Kenya Looks at Mohamed Bana firms in Africa. With Eric Bana stores.

Mr. Mohamed Bana introduced a new and real fashioned way of clothing line in East and Central Africa. The firm started as a normal boutique and grow to now a well-known fashion and designer that people talk about it. It has the top qualities of Tom Wolfe, CK, D&G and Hilfiger generation of fashion styles of the 20th Century and others exclusive wear made by the firm.

Clothing line skills are excellent and work fine with the new Bana fashion company owned by Mohamed Bana. The reopened business with large market value has made the clothing line be an adorable entrepreneur. The skills have made Bana be the greatest and favorite of the fashion industries and companies across Africa.
Bana fashions are in a wide range, especially when you are in Nairobi main shop. The firm has built the several people in the fashion industry and brought up small businesses in that line. Celebrities liked the way is packing the fashion and takes it to a new world.

African styles  are presented with a new and adorable way. This new look of African attire has made real African cloth lovers move to Bana fashion and beauty to have the real feeling of being an African. Best of all is done and the employees and it's really aware some done.

Western styles also available in the Bana fashion shops. Mohamed Bana brought a good and wonderful style of fashion across the country and the continent. This Western style of wearing stylish and be on the move of fashion and has really made top international business people visit the premises for their attire.
Without forgetting Asian styles as it rocks people from the middle East and another on the arctic. This fashion style has really come with a thud, especially those from Arab countries.

Bana stores and fashion shows in Kenya.
Mohamed Bana is really looking forward to expanding the business from not only in Africa, but even worldwide to accommodate more and cultures in terms of clothing. The business expansion will enable even other people from different backgrounds who live in foreign countries be able to get their original attire close in their respective countries.

African talent is now clear and clean that most entrepreneurs are not only talking about doing business in their country but have multinationals. This is a brilliant idea of expanding business internationally. Bana fashion and design has really made people style up in terms of fashion. Top celebrities across Africa move to glossy looking styles in Africa presented by the clothing firm and even provided a way of having fashion shows which are sponsored by the Bana fashions. This is all done to boost the fashion industry in the world.

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