Thinking on how to win the general  elections

Mombasa county governor Ali Hassan Joho and Kilifi county governor Amason Jefwa Kingi were shocked as their respective county commissioners withdraw security officer who provided security for the governor's.

Many questions are arising regarding the actions of the two county commissioners. Some of the questions are, Is the Mombasa county commissioner Nelson Marwa revenge on the issues always raised by the governor?
The other question is, does the county commissioner knows the issue or is he being used by the government? The last question is that,
Does it have any connection with the Malindi by-election? The outline below could help you understand some of the reasons that may contribute to the county commissioners do that.

The threat to shut down CORD powerful people on the coast.
This has been seen to be a way of raising jubilee sycophants to have an influence on the coast. In Mombasa county, The jubilee party is looking for ways to raise jubilee Mombasa tycoon Mr. Suleiman Shaabal to be governor in 2017.

 The businessman was last year, allegedly caught saying that jubilee will rig elections to be in power. This sentiment shows that the government is planning to frustrate Governor Joho so that the tycoon will have an easy way. 

These started early February when the government shuts down the companies that belonged to the governor's Joho family.

Winning the Malindi Seat with CORD in Kilifi.

Due to the some of the Kilifi county politicians withdraw their support from CORD and joined Jubilee, this has really affected the area politics. The governor who made efforts to take back the seat to ODM made him into troubles. 
This trouble comes from the X CORD  politicians who are now being supported by the government as they lost the by-election. Hon. Kingi, who welcomed the CORD fraternity in Malindi now has been seen to be a threat to the jubilee party administration. The government has laid its foundations in the Coast region to make at least half of the votes be in Jubilee. 

During the elections, it was alleged that Hon. Gideon Mung'aro of Kilifi North led some youth to disrupt the elections in the area. This honorable member ferried some people from Kongowea Market and Mpeketoni in Lamu in assistance of the other party fellow jubilee members to be in the area. This information according to the honorable Mombasa governor was real hard to deal with it until they won the seat with now Hon. Mr.  Baraka Mtengo.

The Kilifi governor problems will not be over as a new Jubilee Member. Hon. Mung'aro who is now backed up by the government through the Cabinet Secretary for Mining Dan Kazungu plans to run for a Gubernatorial seat for Kilifi county.

Majority Leader Hon. Adan Duale and Hon. Ferdinand Waititu failure to  lead the jubilee party winning. Has led to some of the troubles that the regional powerful politician has. At a political rally in Mombasa,  the governor said  " we have information that Duale and the rest have nothing to tell the president and other bosses regarding the failure and now they are coordinating with county commissioners to release their anger and pressure. " Speaks the angry governor. The majority of the people said that that the quarrel between him and Hon. Waititu may have caused the mayhem.
Police dealing with riots and ready for the elections.
Killing ODM in Coast strong hold.
Coast region has been really a stronghold from CORD and it's the Kenyan Market entry point. The government has been planning to scrap out the opposition party  heat and suffice them with power in the area. Jubilee strategy to win elections is to mix people and frustrate others in order to remain in power. But the main reasons for the Malindi failure is the campaigners for the jubilee candidate were not serious. Some of them were caught with women basking and swimming at the Malindi beaches while Philip Charo was real struggling alone. This information was provided by Hon. Mike Sonko who shocked many people, especially from the central region.

Political analysts also say that the troubles that Hon. Hassan Ali Joho is getting through is a way of cultivating businessman Mr. Suleiman Shaabal. This frustration also is heading to the Mvita M.P Nassir and Mombasa Senator Omar Hassan. This is because they highly contributed to the winning of the by-election. Already sources said that the security for the Mvita M.P will be reduced as the governor handed over the guns and the licenses without proper procedure.

In Kilifi, the governor's problems are being cultivated by the Kilifi North M.P who will vie for the governorship in Kilifi come 2017. The M.P who is backed up by the government has provided a rough and tough way to the governor.

It's the same way that jubilee allegedly rigged the Kericho by-election to finish Pesa Mashinani and Jogoo parties and frustrate Former chairman of the governors Hon. Isaac Ruto. This had to be done that way to again wind up with KANU and Senator Moi influence in  the area. This punishment for Gideon Moi and Isaac Ruto was really inevitable and now Deputy president, William Ruto is looking forward to whipping all the votes from the Rift valley region votes to Jubilee in the fourth coming general elections.

Now it's known that the government is using all means and ways of getting back to power and its people. The ways that have recently been seen is by corruption, hiding billions of shillings for the campaign, frustrating opposition like in Uganda and provide any form of political violence to its citizen to get back in the general elections. It's very bad for someone or a preacher to preach to  people to drink water and whereas you are drinking wine. The voters are the final.

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