CS Matiang' Talk tough on the teachers who cane their pupils.
Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Dkt Fred Matiang'
Cabinet secretary for education Dkt Fred Matiang Said that all teachers who will found to be canning students should be prosecuted. This came after some teachers in Western Kenya gave severe punishment to the students while  others injured and insulted.

The cabinet secretary's words made some changes in the public schools across the country. These changes were meant to be positive, but regardless of whether the use of cane will change the students' performance was inevitable.
Removing such punishments create a certain irresponsible generation of that will not respect the community. The students that did not get an opportunity of being punished severely is the majority of them in gangs and they don't have something tangible to do.

The Kenyan education system needs to be overhauled and introduce a good and better system that will enable students to learn more detailed information about the possibility of working with everyone in specialized subjects.
Girls high school in Nakuru kenya.
A school that was visited by CS ministry of Education In Kenya.
The old Kenyan education system was a bit better. The education system was not really a complete system to assist students in life but it was better.
A good education system is the one that assists students in their life. This enables them to be better people in the world. A system that shows the way of life, specialization and working skills to its optimal performance.

In the olden days, there were subjects that really assisted students with real skills that would be beneficial and applied in the real life situations. A good example is an agriculture subject in primary level and Art and Craft. These were subjects which assisted the students to explore their talents and skills.

What systems do we that will make people feel included and sharpens the future of the young ones. When our children are in school, is there something they know apart from mathematics and English language. All this has to be scrapped and redo the syllabus to enable young ones to have the ability to be innovative and invent which will boost our production as a country.

Now what we build is something that will not help us Kenyans, especially the vision 2030. We will be building a generation that cannot invent and full of indiscipline and not just that, but this will raise standards of living due to the high cost of production.

If the country cannot have a way of doing it, then it will be better if external human resources can be used to make sure that the best way to implement the education system is achieved. Maybe that can move us from consumer country to a production and innovative country.

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