Marriages which do not sustain and later go to courts.

Black monkey
Some European countries black people are referred as black monkeys. We have seen some tourists who come to Kenya and segregate people. Even from some companies and NGOs who are led by white people discriminate blacks as they think they don't have something new to offer. They compare black people with wild animals as they are the only end product users and they are unable to invent anything.

Mkorogo. (Mix)
Ladies like bleaching themselves to look like white people. This is fueled by various conditions that makes them colour themselves. Because of African weakness the countries manufacture skin bleaching or lightning products to look like them. There is no even a manufacturing plant in Africa, which manufactures darkening products for white people to be black. It has been known that anything dark is associated with evil or Satanism.

Paying colours.
In some industries people are being paid according to their colour. The black pool is shown to be outdated and most are yearning for brown and light skinning.
Skin tone
This is about paying skin tone versus non-paying skin tone. The skin is categorized according to background information the person has from artificial to natural tone. In film making and advertising the natural light skin pays more than dark and artificial light skin pays average income. The colour is divided into classes as mentioned below;
A-high - more lighter with much income.
C-Medium average colour with average pay.
E- low - dark skin tone with the lowest income.
This is what makes our ladies feel to bleach and have much lighter skin to get something. Some the examples are Vera Sidika, Mercy Johnson and a majority of Socialites.

Light skins for media
Lupita Nyong'o stress on black skin on the Oscar awards described as a bad feeling as majority of other film makers mock and sometimes give her the darks parts in the movies.
Skin tone defines beauty as what men say. The majority of men goes with brown or any equivalence. Men also have a major role in participating about  skin colour.
Learning institutions
Schools discriminate blacks as they are not intelligent compared to the whites or lighter skinned. Some schools also provide different areas of blacks and whites.
Last year we had a scenario of Chinese restaurants banning blacks going to their restaurants in Kenya after 4pm. This happened when Chinese associated black people with terrorists who might  destroy their hotels. Not only these restaurants, but they are many more who do the same discriminating blacks.

We have seen much circumstances where people change their skin to avoid embarrassment. The ones who stick to their colors are given names such as Monkey. We have seen this in the international football where European footballers mock African footballers. A good example is Suarez, who mocked Cameroon star Samuel Ettoo even in the field, John Terry with Didier Drogba and many more examples.

Poverty makes people change color tone for the money if need be. They make these changes to satisfy the ones who need to be. Men and women do this to get at least money for day to day activities. Blacks have been used to use their bodies to do dubious things.

Men are the main contributors as the majority love lighter skin ladies. This has made black ladies desperate for love and they end up changing skin color. This has been a real life changing event as ladies change from one display to the other.

Companies and people should understand that color should not be the measure of an individual performance in working areas and decision making. Color does not measure a person's intelligence and behavior. Anybody can invent if given the opportunity and can perform as much when given support. Discrimination and segregation in this century are prohibited and its against international human rights laws.

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