Matatu parked in eldoret.

The transport sector is in shambles as many people lose their life in accidents. It also provides many loop holes to cover unthinkable manners and astonishing actions. The only sector with all dirty work and very important in the country.
Corruption has failed the sector by having multiple divisions in the industry that has real promoted corruption.
Ignorance among the people who contributed to the sector has hindered all the efforts of making it t a good sector.

Alcohol influence, driving has been the key issue fight for road carnage.
There has been serious accidents that are caused by careless driving and alcohol influenced. Despite getting and having alcohol blowing devices that detect alcohol percentage but it seems drivers got other ways of escaping it.
Passenger negligence has resulted in loss of life. It's known that using safety belts has been a chorus all the day. People don't see the importance of using them as they are sometimes dirty and awkward.

Speeding in the Matatu sector  is really a chronic disease. The introduction of speed limiter did not help that much because mechanics provided a mechanical way of interfering with it.
Sacco have influenced their customers by providing them with hard and heavy interest.

Passenger want to board a matatuNational transport and security  authority have failed to provide real transport infrastructure that will enable people to be safe. This authority that works together with the traffic department has major challenges to be resolved from the start. Cashless payment features are all gone underground and there is no even a sign of reviving anything. The security of vehicle owners losing money to tauts and others is not considered.

Traffic rules and regulations are not that active because police they break and by so doing creates an image that public transport transport follow. When a traffic offense is done the traffic police officers, they don't actually take it seriously and even corruption and other manners happen.
Driving schools are now like businesses, they don't produce quality drivers. They are corrupt and provide licenses everywhere.  Drivers are the most crucial people that passengers let their soul to. The government should have ways of getting the correct instructors and trusted from the traffic police department so that those schools provides quality and affective drivers.

The vehicle inspection department doesn't do its work properly because poorly conditioned vehicles are on the road hence make avoidable accidents.
Poor infrastructure has been the mother of all these accidents. The roads are too narrow, especially areas that have bad terrain are the most affected. The Nairobi - Eldoret highway is terrible as it's narrow not level in a good way. This is done by unqualified contractors who are given the tenders because of influence and corruption.
County government should be given the mandate of controlling the infrastructure and make their own county satisfaction.

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