A woman was caught after chopping her husbands' Private parts.
A woman who chopped her husband's private parts in Kisauni Mombasa.
Love has been a source of rights infringement. Loving someone is not   a direct ticket of controlling that person's body. Men now feel it's better to stay alone because you will be safe.

Traditionally, Men used to have more than one wife and were very safe. Even the more a traditional man marries women the wealthy and safer he became. Nowadays, even one woman you are not safe.

What has gotten into the ladies' minds? The only thing is sharing. Sharing a man is strictly forbidden by our ladies. They are forgetting that the Kenyan laws permit polygamous without seeking consent from anybody.

In Kiembeni Bamburi, Mombasa a woman who allegedly infringed her husband polygamous rights and privileges, She chipped and chopped her husband private parts for allegations of her husband's womanizing habit.

This has been a trend in Kenya men being chopped private parts. So what's the benefit of that?

  • When someone is cut off the parts, then there will be no absolute satisfaction and will lead to the benefit of "Mpango wa kando."
  • Lead to death. This benefits the other side partner.
  • Private parts are used for complex traditional tasks like sacrifices and other religious activities.
  • The most common thing is that it acts as a source of money.
  • It makes someone feel that she is safe against a threat.
  • When you read the points above does it make any sense for a normal and really human beings.
When you look at the advantages of that it's only benefits the woman. Chopping has so many disadvantages because it also involves hurting the whole family from being original. This sometimes causes loss of life for the one who is done to him.People should now focus on the means and ways of improving methods of communication in modern families.
This method of chopping has really trended in Central Kenya. Most of them in areas of Nyeri, Kiambu Kerugoya and Meru said that majority of Men is alcohol drinkers. They don't perform in their houses, so they only drink and sleep in the ditches. That's what made the wives wash their husbands with hot water and at night chop the private parts due to anger.

What will men do to get back to the original state is by getting the right facts about marriage. Then getting the right partner will be cool for a real man. The question will be where are the real Women?

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