Barclays Bank Africa Chief Executive Officer.
CEO, Barclays Bank Africa LTD.
Barclays bank existed in Africa for several years now. The has been a global leader in finance and has participated in various activities in building the world socially and economically. It had separated its stark regional. It's divided into three divisions; Africa, America and Asia-Europe stakes.

The speculation of the bank to be closed is false. According to the Barclays bank Africa CEO Maria Ramos Said,"The bank will not close its services in Africa but there will a change of Management. " The customers have been  living in fear of international financial institution liquidating and terminating all services rendered across Africa. This fear comes after Imperial and Dubai bank liquidation. The Banking sector is now on the spot by making their customers walk empty handed.

The speculation that the bank was selling its stake in Africa is unknown. This information came through the media and viral over social Media. Out of the three stakes as the Kenyan Barclays bank said, it's not unknown if the new management will be a different entity.
This is the bank leading into International banking followed by Standard Chartered Bank. This came after a loss of 2% pre-tax. This is the leading bank in Africa with customers Exceeding 12millions people.

The bank has improved from being a monotony to a real multinational financial institution. It has improved also to the way it operates, but real fewer advertisements and that has led to the loss of 2% in the quarterly financial audit.Now the bank wants to change its name and have a new management that will make at least an equal stake in Africa with Europe.

Sponsorship in the are tremendous and has led to the growth of the bank since it's a corporation of three main entities. It has sponsored students, premier leagues and major community projects across Africa and other parts of the world.

There is Fear of saving in banks because of the current trend of banks closing doors sometimes without notice. The imperial bank closed its doors and many were crying. They lost a lot of money to the imperial bank, but the governments through their respective central banks encouraged customers that they will get their money. Now a year is almost over without any refund.

The government must have regulation on banks that are unstable to make sure its citizens do not lose their money anyhow  without proper plans of refund.The governments should put in place ways of curbing such unnecessary expenditure as all banks are controlled  by the central government and will reduce the fear of its citizen of walking empty handed.

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