Issues of dating in this modern century.

What is dating? What is the difference between dating and real dating? What are the types of dating?
These questions are in peoples' mind nowadays because of the day to day relationship frustrations. Dating is getting some sort relationship and the main purpose is to know each other. The transition between being single and be in a relationship us what is termed as dating. People forget that dating is not getting to someone's thighs and explore the sweetness, but only knowing each other characteristics.

Dating is really in diverse ways. It's a major thing that everyone plans to have and has a wide range of areas to explore. There is an online dating which is also known virtual dating. The online dating has been associated with technology that most people like in this digital generation. This has made young men to nowadays be passive in terms of talking to ladies. Mostly depend on social media and  texting to get all done. That's why  marriages don't sustain because people don't talk verbally, but depends on the media. Youths now depend in Online dating as they say it gives room for people to communicate for long before coming together and make a family.

Verbal communication creates and builds a strong foundation in the relationship. Dating someone without the use of social media creates a strong and robust way of living and social interaction. Verbal dating is a native way of having things done right in every step as it builds confidence ,trust and social perception in the eyes of  people in the community.

The essentials of a date are feelings, admiration and emotions. That is what starts on a date and after relationship takes over. Dating does not mean people should have s3x and other Major issues, but should be able to understand another in terms of hobbies and characters.

A real date is a connected date with several sources that made the feelings of each other. It comprises of family members and friends. When a date has several sources and connects or involve many parties, then that is a real date. When you meet someone for the first time and some of your family members know the background of the person and even have more information than you, then the dating process is healthy, especially even when others reach to an extent of motivating that the person is really better to make a marriage deal.

Some young men paused a joke that getting married nowadays is so stressful because of the behavior of the modern ladies. They say," women of  1980s and back were  "wanawake" and 1990s afterwards "wanawaka". " This is really frustrating  marriages and that's why the modern relationship that is full of WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, IMO, Skype, Snapchat and others don't stay for long. All these came the late 1990s to confuse the minds of the young generation.

Society contributes to the dating process if it's genuine. Majority confuses dating with lust. Dating does not bring any form of confusion that you don't sleep because of someone. The contribution that dating and society have created a positive and healthy marriage when all combined in a good way.

Religion does understand real dating. No religion talk about online dating using technology. It always talks about Godly dating and connection with the holy spirit. Does the holy spirit dating exist in this century? People believe oneself and technology. Chatting is the only thing most young men know as the easiest method of dating. People have been dating for years using social media before they meet face to face. Verbal and spiritual dating is really declining due chatting and video links.

Government rules and regulations in the use of social media should be enacted to avoid  half-baked marriages and relationships. For the country to have real marriages and outstanding relationships that will take the country forward needs to have laws that protect the relationships. This can be done using the internet control mechanisms for the bloggers, social media and any other form of media to be regulated.

Personal feeling is the last thing in any form of dating. Person decisions are the most important part of dating. Be it online, spiritual, verbal, real dating it's personal choice anything that happens when the process ignites is liable to the respective decision maker.

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