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A Kisumu mall stand still watching a socialite booty as she enters for shopping.

Kisumu socialite enetring a mall.
A Kisumu socialite makes a mall in the town stand still as she was going for  shopping. The upcoming socialite in Kisumu has made serious talk in the area. The mall went in silence as even mothers and fathers were shocked and imagine if was true. This big mall was still just watching the big booty knocking each as what a popular artist referred as "Dodoma Singida".
Kisumu socialite makes a mall stand still. 
More ladies are now venturing in that business of selling fleshy. It has been seen that displaying in social media and getting a show or be part of  a video with well-known artists is a milestone towards being a professional socialite. A majority are very crazy about what other are doing in social media which end up convinced and do the same.

This trend is now featured in our  secondary schools unlikely in the olden days was only in universities and colleges who practised display and socialism. Because of the fashion styles, modernization, and change of living standards, people preferred selling their bodies for money. This century, social media took over every place and the internet which teach unspeakable to the young ones.

Leaked photos of Kisumu socialite.
Kisumu city now has a good number natural figured socialites and is a stronghold of big booty and tasty beautiful ladies. They join other ladies on that field like Vera, Huddah, Corazon and Pendo who are now going international. These ladies have done international collaborations with international musicians and as well got many successful business people who hooked them up with their lives. What will be their life after being approved as the best  socialites?

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