Jeff Koinange show.

Jeff Koinange live show will not be appropriate to be shown as shows will be filtered and be weighed if they will be available for people at home. Political analysts and politicians themselves who utter anyhow hatred words will now face it.
 JKL show hosted some politicians who are big mouthed and talk anyhow which creates anxiety among citizens especially this time where people are close to the voting process.

The JKL programme  hosted by KTN television will cease to air due to limits placed by KFCB’s Ezekiel Mutua. The board will scrutinize and filter content provided by the airing channels to seal the loophole of providing venomous information to the public. Some other shows that will be placed under tight and serious checkup include the trend provided by larry Madowo on NTV,Morning show from K24 and other shows which invite politicians to speak.

Jeff Koinange with former speaker Farah Maalim and Lawyer ahmednassir.
Due to bad practice of the media, the cabinet has approved the Anti–pornography regulations, 2015 to have an effect on any content that will be seen as containing adult nature.The KFCB will ensure that no malicious content and adult content will be aired or distributed by social media. This will curb all the ways of extorting young people minds.

Uganda will soon be in the darkness in the pornography industry when the Ugandan cabinet vote for the Antipornography act 2015-2016 that will make all of the Ugandans not to access the sites. It will be the first country in east Africa to ban the usage of explicit content and will allow people to move on without it and focus on education and develop the country. This was tested during the general elections last that rendered President Yoweri Museveni another term. The test was successfully and now they opt to do it forever but leaving behind only social media with no explicit content.

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