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Kenya is leading to safer hands as it recieved armoured chopper.

Kenya Defense chopper.
Kenyan Police officers are now smiling and keeping Kenyans safe after a big deal with Italian government did a an astonishing worker of handing over a highly and secured way of dealing with violence and terrorists using high technology Helicopter that was handed over to the Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaiserry by Italian Ambassador Mr. Mauro Massoni, in present Inspector general of Police Mr. Joseph Boinett.

It costs Sh683 million AgustaWestland helicopter has a speed of 193 mph which can fly up to an altitude of 8,130 feet  carrying 15 passengers and also will be used mainly during emergencies, especially by the General Service Unit’s (GSU) Recce Squad and sometimes byVIPs.
 The 16.8-metre helicopter, with a rotor diameter of 13.7 metres, has adjustable seats that can accommodate eight VIPs and with their bodyguards. According to the sources, Cabinet secretary also said More vehicles will be added to the police to make them safer as well when dealing with riots and demostrations held by oppositions or any other group decided to demostrate.  These vehicles will be available in the country in two weeks time with other 2 more Helicopters which were taken for overhauling.

Now it seems circumstances that made Kenya police to be frustrated with the attacks will something of the past. The government is readly and willing to invest in the Police to make the country safe. The circumstances that happened in Kenya like the Westgate mall attack and Garrisa university will be dealt at ease from the armoured vehicles and the choppers that will be available in the country in the next few weeks.

This will make the country safe from the terrorists hands and others who will try to make it home of violence. The arrogant robbers will have very minimal chances of surviving when police will be able to detect their activities and track them furiously with armoured and protected vehicles. Kenya is leading to safer hands with the usage of sophisticated weapons.

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