Energy Cabinet secretary and team of experts.
Energy cabinet secretary with the team of experts from the energy Ministry in Nairobi.

The Kenya government strategy towards the energy reforms and ways of curbing oil shortage through developing new Energy distribution methods had a big blow as their counterparts refrain from the Missions. The oil pipeline deal that started way back with the coalition government in 2012 and other major partners in East africa went sour as the partners decided to merge and make a new deal throwing Kenya with its staff.

The Oil pipeline that was to start at Lamu harbour to Juba and on the other side to Kampala and Jinja Uganda which was flagged by the three presidents 2014 did not bear fruits. Last week Ugandan Government through their Energy Minister Officail launched a new bid to use the Tanzian route from Daresalaam. The Ugandan Energy officials went to Tanzania to Map the project to Uganda. Tanzania goverment was not in the plan at first sight but the Uganda president decided to use that route as he claimed that its much safer in Tanzania than in Kenya. The Ugandan president His excellency Yoweri Museveni spoke at an East african Meeting which was held by the East afican president; Kenya president his excellency Uhuru Kenya and Tanzania Prtesident his excellency Dr. John Pombe Maghufuli.

The oversight team went to tanzania from uganda to oversee the measures taken to start the oil pipeline deal. A team of experts from Kenya from the energy Ministry  went to Tanzania but they were blocked from accessing the premises as it was directed by the Tanzania Energy Minister.

The main reason that kenya was kickout of the project as it really beneficial to the countries economy were;

  • Kenya has unpredictable violence and especial as it now close to the elections. The citizens may think of cutting off the oil pipeline supply across their respective counties.
  • The cost of supplying Oil to Uganda will much higher than when using Tanzania. The tanzanian government is much stable compared to the Kenyan government.
  •  Distance and efficience from Tanzania is much pocket friendly compared to Kenyan route. This will make the construction much cheaper and effective using the Tanzanian route. 
  • The Ugandan energy envoy did not recieve much respect and good time in Kenya. The energy experts from Uganda did not recieve good reception and therefore terminated the process. This bad reception reputation voted no confidence with the Kenyan route.
The kenya government should now learn from this examples and how to overcome in the near future. The deal is only remaining with the South Sudan if the president his excellency Salva Kiir will allow to finish it to Juba. No its upon the government to look for means and ways to convince the Juba government and cooperate so that it may not slip as the Ugandan deal.

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