Kilifi county women represetative.
The Kilifi women representative has been seen furiously talking about gender imbalance. Talking in Malindi, the women representative Hon. Aisha Jumwa urged women to be tough in political arenas and expose themselves to be known to other people. The strong women representative saw to support Mombasa governor Hassan Joho against the claims of misusing government weapons and reducing the number of board guards as allegedly said by the interior cabinet secretary Joseph Nkaiserry.

The Kenyan political arena has a majority of them being Men and it is against the new constitution. The constitution allows for a third representation in the seat of the parliaments specifical for women. She also urged women to participate in community developments and social enterprises this is what will enable them to be known.  She also touched something on finance, women funds are all over and it's a matter of visiting the offices to get funds. the youth and women funds offices also provide a guide towards getting government tenders and secure women future.

The women representative is also eyeing Malindi parliamentary seat as the only way of echoing women's voice. The Malindi parliamentary seat is home  Orange Democratic Movement party under the umbrella of Coalition for reforms and Democracy (CORD) and she will be vying using CORD come to the fourth coming general elections.

She tore the support from Kilifi North MP. and CORD rival Hon. Gideon Mung'aro as he was against the ODM Malindi MP aspirant Hon . Baraka Mtengo and its when they ended the relationship. She has been known for being political camouflage and now she works hand in hand with the Kilifi governor Amason Kingi and Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho.

While the Women representative sensitizing women to be part and be the first priority in terms of leadership,in the national assembly the articles and bills to be amended regarding the gender imbalance have reached it is peek. The lady members of parliament are on the high note of gathering enough votes to pass the bill about the a third rule in the constitution. The Women members of parliament are looking for ways of persuading their male counterparts to garner many votes to pas the gender bill which has been there for long holding other bills not be passed. It was postponed for five days, it now up to the women to get more votes from Men members of parliament and at the same time urging more women leaders to be present for the parliamentary sessions.

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