Raila was tear gassed at IEBC offices.
Okoa Kenya referendum campaign got a hitch after the government decided to stop the IEBC cue. The government decided to use its machinery and resources to overtake the Coalition and reforms for democracy CORD ambitions to to storm the IERBC offices yesterday.

IEBC did not suggested not to overhaul the OKOA kenya process but due to nature of the signatures submitted the officials who verified found to have irregularities.
The chairman of the Independent Electoral and boundaries Commission Mr. Issac Hassan dismissed the allegation that the the commission did not oversee the process from their officials and it was not free and fair.

The Coalition Party decided to storm the offices on Monday to kick out all the commission workers as a way of kicking out of office the independent commission. The surprise that the CORD principles did not know was how the government prepared the way to tackle the problem. They visited the offices only to find that supporters already camped the sites and General Service Unit section which deals with riots and violence camped also.

The Cue did not succeeded due to the overwhelming number of the GSU and later they went to action kicking out all of them from the offices. The main offices at anniversary towers in Nairobi had hundreds of GSU who later started throwing tear gas and the demonstrations stopped. Hon. Raila Odinga was among who had the the tragedy and smell of tear gas. The former prime ministre was taken to his car by his body guards and went out of the area. Others were Hon. James Orengo and Hon. Moses Wetangula. The other CORD principle was their but he was still in his car when the tear gas started being on the air from the GSU. He did not step down and they reversed their cars and went back to the hotel.

It was really hectic for the CORD to be able to manoeuvre such scenes and a lesson of what will happen next years general elections. The opposition now must prepare for being opposition again after the general elections as the government will use of the resources to get back the seat for the jubilee to rule as what they suggested 20 years of ruling. The first ten years for Uhuru and the last Ten years for Ruto and the rest will look after they accomplish the 20 year mission. The government has suggested that IEBC will still hold office till the they conduct the other election because in Kenya there is a tendency of changing the body when the country is close to the elections.

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