Men like fashioned women and half clothed design.
Men are always  on controversial issues. I met a group of young men in a sewage  chamber and decided to pose a question. This was out of my mind, but later it got stuck from the following comments and the interest in the matter.Why the majority  of men like women with a big booty? It sounded so simple, but generated  a lot of thoughts that I was really  feeling to post and have more comments on it.

They started  with a presentation. When strolling  with a lady  with huge booty then this creates alarm and admiration  with whoever  will be nearby. It's not a sin to have such human being who everyone  admires and purport  to get many friends to share resources  with.
These "Madhiambos" are always attracting the attention  of idol youths and real affect even organization  production.

The other point was surface area to volume ratio. It's really  hard to understand  this mathematical  expression  that  deals with area and volume. Pressure on small space is absolutely  higher than on a wide area.
This expression  shows that these ladies who were blessed, men use less energy in either form compared to slim ladies. I don't  know which type of energy are you thinking  about. But when seducing a woman, it has been seen that many people are seeing it easy-to-use familiar  methods  to win a booty lady compared to slim possible ladies as they said most of them are desperate  due to their condition  and maintenance.

This what the majority of men like having big sized women.
The second to last and weighted point was bad in bed. Why is it important  to mention  this one here. These types do not know how to be able  to add taste to the bed soaps. Men nowadays are total down because of the foods being cooked and taken.
This point as well shocked me because it doesn't  have exclusivity. This type of ladies makes someone  go an extra mileage out  of the castles to find different  ways of satisfying  himself due to lack  of flexibility.

Majority of men like women who expose themselves as they feel what they see.Then the last point about fashion and designing. The nowadays majority  of ladies wears undersized  clothes and expose most of the body parts. All these are good for a man because i was told men feel by just looking. This is what has made our sisters  going crazy with fashions and do dubious  activities. But at the end its to the benefit of men.

Most of the managers  will wish to a such secretary, which will motivate and salivate everyday  at work. The motivation  will be having the essence  of loving to go to work to see those "things" as they said.

What are your opinions  about having a big booty wife or girlfriend? The ones I met said that such type is for short-term, the majority of them are not wife materials.
Don't  hesitate  to leave your comment  on your taste and what can be found on your trip.

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