Miss kenya with her s3xy looks.

This is something you will never believe. A coast governor screwed one of his employees in the financial department and make the head of finance in the county government. The lady who was a junior accountant in the county government was raised to a higher position due to giving her own hood to the governor. The flashy and randy governor is well known for confusing ladies with his wealthy despite the closure of some of his companies.

Former Miss Kenya Emma Too also tasted the fruits of the governor and threw the ball to other bootylicious ladies to again taste and empty the governors pockets. The famous man with tough words who engaged with senator Mike Sonko in a fight against land grabbing in an area in the coast region now has even tasted a women representative in the region.

Another one of late who has been the talk as he 'propelled' and win the fleshy and bought her a flashy car is a controversial Television anchor and a married one Betty Kyallo. The rumours went further and enlightened that the main course of separation with her husband  Dennis Okari was due to the flashy governor who confused her with money for 'Lungula'.

Dennis and Betty on thir wedding day.
The lady who also suspected that her husband was dating someone else decided to seek  a revenge against her husband after six months of the luxurious and flashy wedding. Husband suspect that he was dating another tasty presenter Grace Musalame. 

It was revealed that most of the ladies in the newsroom do that as a hobby especially if they find out the man is very rich and handsome. It was discovered that during interviews the ladies salivates to the politicians and rich people who come for the interviews, later on, provide contacts and dating starts.  This is what some of the female news anchors fall into the trap and dish out the fleshy to the randy and handsome men. One of the Men newsroom analysts revealed to the sources that it is very hard to get married to some of the news anchors because they mostly deal with rich people and politicians.
Prezzo fall for betty in the studio(newsroom).

Bana sources revealed also some of the rotten news anchors "Katia" seduce those men who come for the interviews and that is why some of the politicians and rich men go to some newsrooms frequently while other who have ugly faces have never set foot on those news chambers for interviews.

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