Diamond in a newsroom answering questions about Zari.
Diamond Platinumz answering questions about controversial issues with his family.

The bongo and international star  artist Naseeb Abdul Juma who was born on 2nd October 1989 famously Known as Diamond Platinum shocked a congregation in Tanzania after he revealed his plans for Zari. Bongo fans and fellow artist were asking if Diamond will restrict Zari to stay in Tanzania forever. This comes after a speculation that his wife Zari was not staying Tanzania but she was just coming to visit Diamond  and back to Uganda.

The international artist dismissed the claims as Zari was just coming to visit him. People on the social media attacked diamond also on the stay of Zari in Tanzania. Diamond assured his wife will be staying forever in Tanzania and now they have plans of relocation his family to a permanent place in Tanzania. Due to his international collaborations, Diamond now is the bongo artist with a lot of international wings compared to another loved bongo superstar Ali Kiba.

His fans also asked if the wife will be able to give him twins as he suggested to the International Actress Wema Sepetu. Because it was one of the reasons that made him left Wema for Zari. Diamond answered to all the other furious questions they were asking including a shocked one. He said, "I even need a second child but Zari is the one to suggest when to have. All in all, God is the provider".

The bongo music star recently has been in a controversial story with being a womaniser as described by Wema Sepetu. This started a big fight between Wema Sepetu and Zari Hassan. This is what even made him have a beautiful and encouraging song about his family and especially for his wife Zari in the hit song that every child and ladies like "UTANIPENDA".  Diamond ditched all the allegations about the affair of Wema and other ladies who came across by bad luck.

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