Campus ladies looking for sugar mummies and sugar daddies to sponsor their views.
The Facebook page for the ladies who are looking for sugar daddies in the campus.[photo: Mwangi JB]

Private developers
Students are real Frustrated due to their income in schools to cope with other from rich environments. This situation enables others to be much better compared to others, even from the looks. This has enabled students especial ladies to look for sponsors famously ' private developers'. 
This creates a gap between male students and the so called daddies who sponsor and do more compare to campus men. This juxtaposition creates naive and competition between few resources that are grubbed by private developers.

 Pressure from competition.
Students always look for the ones who will provide  for their needs both men and women. In campuses the mummies and daddies nowadays have a major role as they run universities, indirectly and satisfy their ego and feeling from those hot young men and women.

Lifestyle in the campus.
Difficult life and indifferent lifestyle in the campus creates the love Warzone a conducive environment. Different cultures and norms mingle in large population and large environments has led to conflicts and lack of student tracking.

Dynamic ways of survival.
Survival of the fittest is only happening in the campus, especially if coming from poor and rural background. The background change is real affecting students, especially those who acquire urbanization from rural secondary schools and grown in rural environments.
Need sugar mummies here are pages for campus ladies.

Identity crisis.
This method of pretending to be someone who you are not being real affecting many not in campuses only but even in other areas. 
People resolve to picture big things to the outside world an in real sense, it's just a coat of lifestyle. This type of lifestyle coating, artificial environment has many effects, especially when the people identify the wrong picture portrayed. 

Variance with verbal torrent and assaults.
College and university student are real in a hard transition between restricted school system to multipurpose system. This system creates stress among students, especially when talking about the school fitting curricula that does bring anything real in the real environmental conditions.
Students protest for the sugar daddies and Mummies circumstances in the colleges and campuses in kenya. Lecturers are also associated with the mix of making students others kill themselves. They also contribute in the competition as the majority of lecturer sleep with the students in order to award them good marks. They have a lot of contribution in the student performance and skills acquired in those schools. So these frustrations makes others cause drama and murder.

Abusive relationships.
Small and random relationship is rampant on campuses and colleges. Some of the students have been raised in a brutal family environments. Campus guys may get connections which at the end become sour.
 Relationships full of chaos everyday are not healthy and this has led to campus frustration,drop in education quality and unfortunately causes death if students.

Love triangle investments in time, economical and emotional, all this makes people mud when wasted. This investment is equal to developing a huge project in a short time by providing all the energy and resources to it.
 A good example is the case of a student in Moi university after he was stabbed to death by his fellow after the lady decided to invest in a different Man. These unnecessary investments lead to high risk in students' performance and end up with low grades.

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