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Artificial hair is what most ladies admire as it's the quickest way of having something long in the lady's head. Women have been promoting the use of these strings on their heads. These  strings are kept in the head for a week or sometimes more.

Men go for a natural.
The majority of the men like the natural taste and flavor. It is about a taste and a feeling or preference that enable one to have what it takes. Women, according to the majority of men are good and real awesome when they are natural. 

Artificial is good, but looks fake. The way it is portrayed when having artificial hair or color is really astonishing because the person who you wake up with in the morning changes to something else. So being real is what people always think about and expecting a natural and sweet feeling or aroma. 

Business changed to have money.
Most businesses are up to artificial products because most of the ladies in Africa think of changing their body structures, body color and looks. Most of the towns, women do this business without any comprises they really advice other ladies as in this modern world. Importation of fashion and body care, therapy and massage are the ones on the course taking over other businesses.

Businesses that guarantee a quick cash and risk-free is the boutique and fashion business with all products to change people looks. From Caro light, bleaching agents, hair dying and nail polishing products. All these are done by both male and female.

Ladies move to be like Europeans.
Western countries colonized Africa with everything. The way people think and even stay wants to like the western world. They brought education so that we can learn what they do everyday. They also provided so many things so that it acts as inspiration to Africans.

Horse hair vs natural hair.
Majority of ladies promotes artificial hair made of sisal fibers and horse hair. This type of hair is only used in Africa and other developing countries to promote business as this third world country import everything.

Having natural hair and feeling is really cost effective and pocket friendly as its keeping and conditioning once a month with natural products and everything works fine. The products that are made of shear and coconut are the most hair food concentrates that makes hair strong and healthy. Ladies like good smelling things and forget about dandrufts but the best oils for hairs  are the natural products.

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