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"I smell/sniff my lovers underwear to be aroused and im addicted to it", says a man from Umoja estate.

A man who smell underwear for him to aroused.

A man from Umoja estate in Nairobi admits that he always sniff his lovers' underwear for him to be aroused. The man also said that its hard for him to undress his children because of the scent. It is really astonishing because the wife he has is a fourth wife.

Martin said that during his childhood, he did not find a place to associate with other children. This method of growing rendered him with no feelings and later the parents died.When the parents died, he moved to his aunties in Kayole. During that period with aunties, he got to understand ladies  and mingled with enormous numbers. Later in 2010 he got married and now he has two children.

Martin added that it was hard to mingle with the ladies and make love without sniffing the underpants. This method of getting the scent from underpants made him be addicted till to date. " My wife now knows that I have to smell her underpants before we go to bed and make love. She now feels that I'm weird and sometimes hides all her underwears and let me the body but I cannot get aroused. It is sometimes much better  if I just see it from far and assume I'm smelling it ", the man said.

We had to ask doctors about the problem, and their response was that some men when they are get used to making love they have a problem of associating it with something to get aroused. "An example is if a man is used to masturbate then when he gets a woman he will first masturbate to bring feelings close then continue making love." One of the doctors said.

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