An accident happened at Mbogolo on the way to Kilifi. The place is close to Mavueni in Kilifi county. The area is a hotspot and drivers are really encouraged to drive carefully especial this rain season. The Accident involved two matatus who had a head to head coalition.

Thye county government of Kilifi has urged the road users to be cautious because of the increased number of accidents. The message was taken to the bodaboda operators which occupy 70% of the accidents happening.  The accident happened and the majority got injured and at least three lost their lives.

Most of the hospitals in Kilifi county are equipped with current equipment for accidents and emergency. The county government is urging the citizen to be cautious with the road safety and report any incident that happens on the roads. Police have confirmed the accident at Mavueni and the injured were taken to Kilifi county general hospital for further treatment and the rest also to the Kilifi mortuary. The investigation has been launched by police to determine the cause of the accident.

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