Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi wants the police officials overhauled and the top ones resign due to the police beatings happened on Monday. The ANC  leader talked these words yesterday with the British High Commissioner Nic Hailey. The all condemn the approach by saying that it infringe and deny constitutional rights. The British high commissioner urged the government to down their tools and engage in the dialogue which is the only way to enhance democracy.

The Western leader roared against the approach which rendered CORD supporters some lost their lives. They also urged the IEBC officials to step down so that investigation could take place in regard to the chicken gate saga. The cartel which involved majority of the officials from the electoral office made the CORD rendered unfunctional.
The work of the of the IEBC is to provide free and fair trial in terms of elections. The officials sabotaged the OKOA Kenya referendum, campaign by posting several threats and means to shut down the referendum together with Pesa Mashinani campaign.  The ANC leader further explained how billions of shillings lost from the 2013 general elections on BVR and further urged the national clergy to support the opposition to throw out the government of jubilee come the next general elections.

Mr Musalia Mudavadi joins other members from the human rights who condemned the action by police hitting out members of the country merciless. The human right commission and transparent international hit out the acts a way of bringing dictatorship to the country which for long was dominated by democracy. All the human rights organisation squarely refuted and thrust the blames to the government.

The IEBC officials led by chairman Isaak Hassan said that they will never resign even if they will be taken to court. He also insisted that even if the protest will last for the whole year they will never be shaken with the deeds from the opposition. The opposition side said will continue with demonstration next Monday until they kill all of the supporters.

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