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Bobby Mapesa is now born again and he wants Kamoja tu with Mercy Masika. (Collabo of the year)

Now is a christian.
Bobby Mapesa is born again. Will he retain the famous name bobby Mapesa?   [Photo: Bush]
Gospel industry has received another artist after size 8 repentance. Now Bobby Mapesa has realised his mistakes and repented as well. Bobby Mapesa is a Kenyan hip hop recording artist, entertainer, and businessman. His real name is Moses Oduma born on April 25, 1985, in Huruma Eastlands constituency in Nairobi. He was a member of the BUGZ group

He started a campaign of forgiving people who wronged them and in all means. Using social media  and word of mouth, he said that all the people who had a beef and others who are the shisha and pub fans to excuse him because he will not be joining them anymore. 

Salvation is real.
Critics say that it is due to lack of being active in the secular industry which laid him irrelevant, now being in the gospel industry will make him be relevant and make free money. This has been a trend of music artist move from secular to gospel to make money. The gospel industry has been stable for long but it seems it will weaken as soon as possible due to what they modern gospel. King of Genge music Nonini suggested that he is joining the gospel industry because he is broke and not worthy in the Genge industry.

Others say that he spotted a lady which made him go to church to win the ladies heart. The majority of his fans are saying that the religion aspect came because of a lady. This lady pushed Bobby to be a Christian.  The church he went was the lady's church which made him change his mind. Bobby is really in love with the chick and has decided to through cigars and be in prayers. Ladies are powerful on influencing other person habit and behaviour. He was transformed from being in sins to be in the church and repent everything he did for once by just accompanied the lady to the church. Amen, and God bless you and the work of your hands.

He wants to do a collabo with Mercy Masika this year if she allowed him. Kamoja tu anataka kuonja with mercy Masika as an opening in the gospel industry. Hope this collabo will be if all goes well. Mercy had lots if gospel songs that everyone loves and Bobby as well on the secular side. This transition from Genge to the gospel will be a milestone for the entertainment industry.

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