Deputy president William Ruto in a Past evnt in his house.

Democracy is the only way to prevent chaos and protests. It manages the parties to have sole owners of the country. Political parties are used to build the countries economy by making sure everything is at par with the rules and regulations of a given country. Constitution brings out the rules governing a group or the citizens and lifestyle of the country.

According to a research done this year in six regions in Kenya, it shows people do not believe in democracy. The Majority of them believes from their respective tribes. Political stability in the area is only held by their political kingpin. It was also noted that some regions don even know the importance of democracy. It is only the kingpin who says and its final to them. The research shows that 75% of Kenyan from these six regions only believe in their political kingpin. For example in Nyanza region, the citizens believe that former prime minister Raila Odinga is the best among the leaders across the country. 99% of the people in Eastern region believe former vice president is the right person for them or else nothing more. 99% of 5the central people believe President Uhuru Kenyatta  has everything to offer for them while 60% of the Rift valley region believe that Deputy president William Ruto is the man to rescue them in politics.

The research also indicated that 52% of the Kenya population believe in President Kenyatta in general but they do not believe his cabinet and the other jubilee officials, mostly from the advisory bench. 50% of the Kenyan population have confidence in CORD but not sure with the leadership. This is very confusing when people are close to elections next year. Uwezo research funded by Concordia university established many facts about Kenyan politics and leadership. Democracy in Kenya is still far behind to be realised and will take a lot of time if people will still believe in their culture and tribes.

The contradicted information is the one to run for the presidency in 2022. The political research indicated that  Deputy president will not be the suitable person for 2022 in the jubille party. From the six regions, it was indicated that it is only from his region that they are proposing to be a flag bearer for jubilee. The strongholds regions  for jubilee preffer Mr. Peter Keneth than Ruto. The central region is highly for Mr Keneth than Ruto especially in the rural areas. Majority of them believe that he is just used for the next years elections then be dumped. In the CORD coalition 80% preffered for Kalonzo Musyoka for 2022 to lead the party for presidency.

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