Body and skin diseases.

People suffered a lot with rashes and pimples with a lot of efforts of eradicating them using artificial products.These swollen areas of the body are caused by heat and fat sometimes. The majority thought that by applying lotions and other artificial products took away the swollen areas.

The majority of men have these problems especial after shaving and exercise. It is noted that the use of oils and fat foods increase the pimples. There have been myths that continuously use of blue band increases pimples in the body These are just stories but the real thing is that excessive use of fat foods and oils increases the chances of having pimples. The major aspect that contributes to pimples is heat and light.

Areas where there is a lot of heat and sunshine ,people will have pimples and other areas of the body will swell.  Another common feature that goes hand in hand is dust. People who do not continuously shower are likely to get rashes and pimples.

The things to do to avoid getting rashes is used natural methods.  One major element that can do a tremendous work is the lemon. Lemon cut weight and reduce fat by maximising oxidation in the body. Anything that has lemon has the magic nutrient that cuts off fats in the skin and as well allow pores to breathe normally. Another feature is taking just a shower. A person is required to take a shower at least three times a day. If not a shower, then, where the pimples are, then the place has to be washed  like thrice or five times a day with warm water or normal water without any impurity. For just a month you will be able to see the results without applying any oil. Do not waste your time and money  buying chemicals which will end up destroying your nice face and skin.

For those who shave either their armpits, pubic hair, chin, beards, or the head hair the use of lemon is the best method to apply. Please do not allow the barber to apply spirit or any isopropyl alcohol because it makes the skin dry and causes other effects but just apply lemon on your head every day for a week and nothing like a pimple will appear. It works well when someone applies it immediately after taking a shower with no other elements or lotions. If you may prefer oil then use natural oil like the vine, palm oil, castor or any other equivalent.

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