Facebook allegations due to trending topics.
Facebook now on a row over the publication of news in their trending news column. The company led by Mark Zuckerberg has been allegedly of being bias in some parties in the US. The topics discussed and trending in the facebook news were compromised by the moderators and other officials in the company.

The top media news sites that were allowed by facebook to publish trending topics and news include the Buzzfeed, Newyork times , CNN and Fox news. The Media also suggested a change on the sites because they publish negatively on some political parties and sometimes target individual people. Now it's the social firm to reaffirm its laws and loose the grip on some sites in there trending topics to other sites.

The majority of the leaders suggested that it will be better if they will filter topics from their own moderators and allow all sites across the world to publish which will make them reduce bias. Facebook is the social media firm leading with 2 billion subscribers worldwide. It has made public its internal editorial guidelines, in the latest attempt to fight charges of political bias in the news stories it promotes to its users globally.

The fight of trending topics started from the fight between Republican members and Democrats representatives.
Republican Senator John Thune, chairman of the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, said Tuesday that Facebook needed to respond to “these serious allegations.”

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