Better children are the ones who breastfed for 6 months.

Breastfeeding provides good healthy for the mothers as she takes out the necessary enzymes out. This makes mothers healthy and strong. Mother's with a lot of milk experience a pain and discomfort especially in the early stages of  the baby. It also makes brighter days for the child. 

It initiates a good immune system for the child. This action boosts the child against diseases natural without any vaccination. It's really worth to have a strong child and active. Natural milk contains a lot of nutrition compared to pasteurized milk. The immune systems are passed from the mother to the child which stabilizes child health.
Good healthy for the child is only when the child is breastfed for Six months without giving out any foreign liquid to the child. 
This method is effective to have a disease resistance child with little effort of raising in the early stages. Mother's are required to breastfeed for at least two to three years for best results from the child. Children who are not taken through those years will experience weakness and slow growth.
Children who took breast milk are intelligent and active in nature. They learn things very fast and active in childish activities. The actions taken by the parents affect the child in all ways. Busy parents affect the growth ability of the child.

This milk contains bigger percentages of calcium, magnesium, and potassium for the bones which make the child strong. It also contains a lot of proteins, Carbohydrates, and fats. 

The energy given per 100ml of breast milk is 200kj which is real best for growth and manages body oxidation and enzyme activities.

A research conducted in 2015 shows that the lactation approaches Rose by 6% compared to 2014. It also shows that  Only 30% of Kenyan Mothers breastfeed for the required six months and 18% shows that they suckle for  three years at least. It's only 1% Of working class mothers breastfeed because of the benefits and knowledge got from clinics and for making their children better, while the other percentages and the rest focus on making money. 

Better parents focus on the child growth performance and intelligence. This nature will enhance the child an effective and efficiency way of doing things in the youth age. The government through the health ministry is focus on educating the parents about the importance of cradling and its essentials. This method even explains much better on the good practises of doing it.
 If you are a mother visit the nearest clinic to get more information on how and when to feef the child with natural milk. Getting a child who has malnutrition related problems affects the kid all the entire life. Breastfeed and make your children better future.

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